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Jun 5, 2009 07:39 AM

inexpensive dinner in portland, me tonight

we are heading up to portland from boston tonight and are looking for recs on good, inexpensive spots for dinner. it would be great if they served wine and beer. $8 - $10 entrees feel about right for price range.

i am familiar with duckfat, but thought maybe more than sandwiches would be nice...possibly a great italian spot for pasta or extra special pizza, but we're certainly not limited to italian! although i am burnt-out on boston pub food.


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  1. Try: Flatbread; Bonobo; Happy Teriyaki (Korean); Great Lost Bear (pub)

    1. Agree with StevensAve, and might add Green Elephant on Congress St: truly awesome vegetarian food, very innovative and in your price range. Not sure about beer/wine, though. In the Old Port, there's a really tasty Indian resto on Wharf St, Passage to India, which I've regularly enjoyed.

      1. Too late for you now, sukisooo, but maybe someone in the future will read this post... You mentioned pasta, so my rec would definitely be Paciarino.