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Jun 5, 2009 07:16 AM

Options in North Brunswick, by the movies...

Anything GOOD around there on Rt1 or close-by? Must hits?

Have a hot date (with my fiance) tonight, involving some free movie tickets, and we wanted to get some food before hand. (not looking for chains or chain-like food)

Hows the Asian place next to Bertuccis?

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  1. If you mean by the Regal movie theater, there's the new Mio Grill in the very same shopping center (just south of the movies). I haven't been, but the boyfriend is so glad there's finally a good mex-american joint in the area.

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      The Mio Mex Grill is actually over on Route 27. The food there is decent, but the entire place gives off a really weird vibe. (Hard to describe, but if you go there you'll understand. And it's one of those places that you expect to see gone in about 6 months.)

      The new place by the movie theater is actually Moe's Southwest Grill. This place is pretty decent too, and has a much better atmosphere. All food comes with a big bunch of chips to use with their salsa bar, and the 3-for-$1 cookies are delicious.

      However, both places are nowhere near as good as Chipotle, which is 5 minutes up Route 1. And the prices are comparable at all three places.

      1. re: samlub

        Yes you are right, I get both of those new places mixed up.
        I meant Moe's Southwest Grill as a place to check out by the movie theater. Nice atmosphere and seems to be doing great business so far.

        I agree, Mio on 27 will probably be on its way out pretty soon. But the Vietnamese place in that shopping center has great pho!

        Also, on Rt 1 South in North Brunswick, maybe a mile north of the movie theater, is an Indian food restaurant called Indigo. I love to come here for buffet on the weekend and then go see a movie. The naan is brought out fresh to your table, they have 2 stations that make dishes cooked to order, and the buffet is varied and delicious. The food always seems very fresh. Also, vegetarians will have no problem eating here.

        1. re: sleuthy

          Visited the Vietnamese restaurant (Pho 99) for lunch and was quite impressed. Extremely well decorated and very clean. Servers were very attentive. The Vietnamese Egg Rolls were awesome!!

          I agree about Mio, been there a few times and have been the only one in the restaurant. When I ate at Pho 99, drove past and it was empty!

          1. re: StantonChef

            We ate at Paratha Junction on Route 27 yesterday. If you want a big selection of parathas and kulchas, this is the place. Their curry selection is more limited than most places, though. It replaced Channaiponnusammy (which had replaced Tirupati Dosa Bhavan).


            Also, Spice Palace, which in turn had replaced Abriruchi, has been replaced by Balaji Express. It seems as though those locations don't last, while Udipi down the road still hangs in there.

        2. re: samlub

          We finally tried the Moe's southwest grill next to regal this week. Great atmosphere. I thought food was way better than chipotle plus the chips and salsa are free.

          Chipotle charges close to 3.00 for chips and salsa and they have a limited menu(only burritos) and no kids meals. Moe's has more of a selection (I.E. Burritos,quesadillas,tacos,nachos and salads)

          1. re: nje39

            There is another
            Moe's Southwest Grill
            104 Hickory Corner Rd # 104
            East Windsor, NJ 08520
            (609) 443-6637

            Just in case anyone is interested, passed this yesterday, a chain.

            1. re: nje39

              3.00 for chips!?!? why are they, copper canyon? haha. j/k

              thanks for all the replies guys, almost forgot about this thread....I didn't end up going actually, but still have those 2 free movie tickets, glad i waited, now I have this thread to help me out!!!

        3. Let us know where you went...

          The Noodle House North Brunswick NJ does have a good lunch buffet, there were at least a dozen different dishes, not all noodles, plus appetizers, desserts, and I recall having a monster glass of bubble tea, but it has been a year or so since my last visit.
          Never tried dinner there and wanted to try their Jell-O tea, one of those places, should try again.
          They do not have a website and do not recall prices.

          1. Seafood Empire for good Chinese food. Shopping center just before Regal Cinema