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Jun 5, 2009 07:14 AM

Liquor stores

Anyone know a liquor store that carries 'Hammer and Sickle,' a Russian vodka? Also, any advice in general on liquor stores with good selection and price in midtown or the upper west side?

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  1. I don't know about the vodka brand. But our favorite liquor/wine shop is Columbus Wines & Spirits (Columbus at 96th). They have very helpful staff and a great selection. They also do various tastings of both wines and spirits on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays (and maybe Sundays too). They recently did some small batch vodkas one day but I don't recall the brand offhand. We also just tried some ginger liquor (not to my taste) and the elderflower liqueur and the Cool Swan (?) cream liquor. Anyway ... they usually run specials and always have discounts on the items being featured for the tastings.

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      If anyone is interested, this is what they are pouring tonight (Fri 5-8 pm):
      "Our favorite spirit maven, Harold Joyce, is back in town and pouring delicious shots of our favorite vodka: 44 North Huckleberry, Rainier Cherry, and the unflavored Magic Valley Wheat."

    2. I would call Mr. Wrights, 722-4564. It's on 3rd Avenue between 89th and 90th and has an insane selection of liquors.
      Also, I used to *love* Jewel of Russia, also a Russian vodka and very hard to find, and there was a liquor store on 2nd avenue and 41st street that carried it but, apologies, I don't recall the name. If you happen to be in the area pop in!

      1. Don't know about the vodka in question, but Park Ave. Liquor on Madison & about 40th has a great selection. They're particularly well known for single malt scotches, but I've picked up some oddball liqueurs there recently (notably Creme Violette, which is very hard to find).

        Unfortunatly, they didn't have Xanath, which is apparently no longer imported into the US.

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          I was about to post the same thing. Their whisky selection is very strong, although they're not great in Armagnac and Cognac.

          Also they have a lot of wine that's not on the shelves.

        2. Any good liquor store should agree to order just about any wine or liquor that is distributed in the NY area for you. So if you do not see it on the shelf, just ask.

          Garnet is a good bet for decent prices on wines near midtown.

          1. Not sure of that specific brand, but Warehouse Liquors on Broadway at 8th St (a bit south of your preferred location) has a huge selection of vodkas (and other liquors), as well as great prices. It is conveniently located right at the R/W stop (8th St). Worth the trip from anywhere--just bring a big backpack! Major selection of good tequilas, bourbons, scotches, liqueurs, etc. (Big wine section too, but I can't vouch for the details.) And they always have some crazy deals (check the table straight ahead near the back when you enter).