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Jun 5, 2009 07:00 AM

Gwynedd, Ambler Pub Grub

PUs moved into Foulkeways and are in search of a pub in the area. Have tried a few but been put off by waitresses in hot pants, dirty silverware and/or loud music. Any place you can think of that caters to a more mature diner looking for a good meal and a glass of wine or beer?

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  1. Springhouse Tavern caters to an older crowd.

    1. I heard that the Blue Bell Inn has a very nice bar and also caters to an older crowd, I have never been there though.

      I also enjoy the bar at the Blue Horse Tavern across the street. It can get a bit crowded/loud on weekends but if you go mid-week, they have live jazz performed by an area legend, Jimmi O'Dell. Sitting at the bar, or at one of their bar tables, with a glass of red wine listening to Jimmi is a great night!

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        Was just there with a friend -- enjoyed a beer, the veggie mezze, and Jimmi. What an enjoyable, relaxing way to spend a little time!

      2. Shanachie Pub in Ambler is a mature place with good pub food. The dining room at the Drafting Room might meet their requirements. On the more stayed side Penn Tavern is the casual side of the William Penn Inn (as opposed to the Commonwealth Club) and serves traditional if not exciting food.

        1. How far are you willing to drive?

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            Blue Bell Inn for the 70+ crowd only. William Penn has a nice tavern tucked away inside.