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Jun 5, 2009 06:52 AM

odd request: Wheetabix? on the UWS

Some friends from the UK will be staying in my apartment for a week, with baby (I'll be gone) and they've asked if there's any place to buy Wheetabix. Apartment is at 69th & Broadway, so any grocer within walking distance ... any ideas? Does Fairway have it?

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  1. You might try a health food store if you can't find it elsewhere, since that's where I bought it (and hated it) in Park Slope. I must say, though, that the way it goes from sawdust to wallpaper paste is pretty impressive.

    1. They always had it at my Food Emporium on the UES. So, your usual market may carry it - Id check the lower shelves.

      1. Trader Joe's carries it - you could pick it up for them before they arrive so they don't have to go searching for it themselves.

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          BTW, in case you decide to do some web searching for it, the correct spelling is Weetabix (no H).

        2. This is so weird, I just had a little snack of Weetabix 20 minutes ago! The secret is to have it with sweetened milk - vanilla soy, evaporated, or the like or it really is very dull stuff. Trader Joe's has it.