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Jun 5, 2009 06:36 AM

Where to purchase Sodium Alginate/Calcium Chloride in Toronto?

Hoping that the Toronto food fans can help me out - I've got a really short window to source some ingredients, so unfortunately online purchasing isn't an option :(

I'm looking for Sodium Alginate. Sodium Citrate and food-grade Calcium Chloride for some molecular gastronomy adventures. If you've got any recommendations on where to find/buy some, I'd really appreciate it!

Any assistance gratefully accepted.

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  1. For the Sodium Alginate if you need it for this weekend I think you'll be out of luck. Unless you can find someone who has ordered some offline that has extra or can talk one of the few bars or restaurants that use it downtown to sell you some.

    Calcium Chloride can be found in some herb/health stores and sections. Maybe even a place like bulk barn. Does air shipping, if you order now you should get it Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

    If you've never used the stuff before don't expect to get it right the first few times. It took me a few tries and I'm still trying to get down the shapes and proper textures.

    If its for something really important and you don't need a ton of it and can make it out to the far side of Durham I could possibly work something out with you but if not your best to just order some offline.

    1. Here are two recent threads that may help. Unfortunately, it sounds like mail order is the primary source.

      Alternatively, if you don't need a lot, you may want to call Colborne Lane and see if they might be willing to sell you some of their supply.

      1. You might try contacting Gary Bedell (his e-mail is in one of the threads TorontoJo linked). If he's still in town, he might have some to sell if you don't need too much.

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