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Jun 5, 2009 06:11 AM

Latitude 43, Gloucester

Friends of ours just went there and loved it and want to go back and asked us to join them. I can only find old reviews of this place and not very good ones. Anyone been there recently? If you have, I would love to hear what you thought.

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  1. Very pricy for their cuisine, many other great places in Gloucester.

    1. Went a couple of weeks ago. Atmosphere is actually pretty good. More Boston than Gloucester. Nice looking deck for when it warms up. Food is split between basic New England seafood dishes and some fairly standard new American dishes. They have a sushi area as well. Prices are on the higher end for the N. Shore. Food was OK. I had haddock. Not bad, but nothing amazing either.

      1. We have been 3 times and likely one of the not so good reviews you read was mine from our first visit...The second and third visits were far enough apart that we thought" well maybe it wasnt really bad" but alas it was...just nothing to remember or even think about...not awful but not good either and I really wanted to like it..really ...

        1. For better food at similar prices, and a much better atmosphere, go the the Franklin Cafe.

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            lunch is a serious challenge up here but I totally agree with Fanklin as well as Duckworth Bistro...for dinner that is

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              Franklin better??, it blows LAT 43 away. Franklin chow is excellent as is Duckworth, fortunately there are many good places in Gloucester that are chow worthy.

              1. re: treb

                Treb what are your lunch favorites and have u heard anything re Neds???

                1. re: capeanne

                  I went again a couple weeks ago and had sushi lunch on the deck. Originally they used a weird nori that did not bite off. All was good on this past visit and I am looking forward to going back. My companions enjoyed their fried clams but it does tend toward the pricey side. Our service was v.good on the busy afternoon.

                  I am also interested in what is going on at Ned's. She's been closed since the beginning of May and I don't think it's about "electrical" or "refrigeration" issues.

                  1. re: SEH

                    Went into this restaurant a few weeks ago - lunchtime on a rainy weekday - it is one of the nicest in terms of decor that I've seen in a long time... but my older companion was turned off by the prices so we didn't stay. After I read the reviews I must say I'm cautious. I don't want to pay big city prices if it's not up to par --

                  2. re: capeanne

                    Love Ned's, my supplier for white anchovies and other goods, I drove by last week but, didn't bother to look over. I'll check it out this week. I like Sugar Mag's for a breakfast and a light lunch, Marias for some Italian, Halibut Point as well. For sea food I'll take Causeway or Lobsta land. I also like La Trattoria for dinner.

                    1. re: treb

                      In that restaurant group, Alchemy is now at the top of the class with the hiring of the former chef of Excelsior in Boston.

                      1. re: negrazer

                        You're right, forgot about them, only recently became a great place, thanks. There's a lot in the area.

                        1. re: negrazer

                          Eric Brennan is the new chef at Alchemy? I find that hard to believe considering he is the new chef at Grill 23's new venture in Boston. Jeff Cala seems to always have ads out for chefs. Wonder why?

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                            Just had a great dinner at Alchemy with my wife for the first time, enjoyed their margherita pizza and mussels to start with both were very tasty, she had the halibut i had the grilled pork confit again both were well done. read on the menu that they hired a new chef his name is Bill Fogarty the server told us he used to be the executive sous chef at Excelsior in Boston, and seems they have started a new farm to table concept saw lots of references to local products. we would recommend Alchemy to any one dining on the North Shore.

                            1. re: foodie guy

                              foodie guy thanks for the chef info./review on Alchemy - must go this summer!

                      2. re: capeanne

                        Another new lunch option. Jalapenos is now open for lunch on Fri, Sat & Sun. I always thought they would do will with lunch. Passports is always busy at lunch on those days since it seems like the day visitors flock to Main for a place to dine. This is great that it adds another option.

                  3. The wife and I went for lunch last fall and were disappointed with the food, the ridiculous prices, the service and the view. Why on earth would anyone put landscaping on that deck and block the view?

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                      Where is Grill 23's new venture in Boston? Can I get a confirmation on Eric Brennan's employer? Thanks!