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Best Creme Brulee in LA???

I did a search and was socked by the lack of info. Who does the best creme brulee in LA??? I had one at Bouchon in Vegas and LOVED it and want to find something of equal or better quality.


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  1. dunno if it's the best in LA because i normally order something chocolate for dessert, but i did think that the creme brulee i tried at ocean avenue seafood in santa monica was solid.

    1. Spago Beverly Hills has it on occasion...and it is excellent...probably my favorite dessert from Puck!!

      1. The Four Seasons on Doheny does a *great* creme brulee; IIRC, they serve it (or at least they used to) in a pie tart shell with huckleberries on the side.

        Also, try Mastro's

        Fritto Misto in Santa Monica

        Porto's Bakery

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          So I tried Porto's CB and while certainly not the best (by a mile) I've had, it *was* good enough and for the price, unbeatable! Definitely load up on 'em next time I'm in Burbank.

          Fleming's had a good one too. Unfortunately, everything else at Fleming's left me wanting more.

        2. Arnie Morton's does a great creme brulee. I rarely have it because I adore their souffles, but we tried one the last time I went and it was very good.

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            I was VERY disappointed with Arnie's creme brulee. Couldn't even hold a candle to Bouchon in Vegas, or even Donnovan's steak house in San Diego. I guess I'm just gonna have to wait for Bouchon to open :(

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              Definitely the best creme brulee I've had (and I actually hate creme brulee) was at Cat and the Custard Cup. It is their signature dessert, and it doesn't disappoint. Better than that is the Panna Cotta at Celestino.

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                OMG yes! Donovan's creme brulee is fantastic! That is my favorite dessert, I actually like the one at Ruths Chris on occasion too..

            2. The best I've found in or out of a restaurant (and I may like it better because I can take it home) is Caprice Fine French Pastries in Santa Monica. !!! It's a tiny industrial kitchen on Pico and I passed it so many times never realizing it was there. The owner Jean-Louis is fantastic and you can buy mini tarts, petit fours and treats in addition to creme brulee. The CB's come in 2 sizes =) Easy in and out and really inexpensive. I love love love this place!

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                Definitely have to second Caprice's creme brulee. It is very creamy, but, since it's usually been sitting, the top isn't as crunchy as a freshly-caramelized top. Still delicious, though.

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                  I think Caprice is an excellent french pastry shop, and I love their creme brulee, but I think you need a blowtorch to reheat it.

              2. Surprisingly, the best Creme Brulee I've come across is the "hot iron" creme brulee at a shabu shabu place called KaGaYa in Little Tokyo, next to Sushi Gen.

                They take a hot circular iron, glowing orange over a fire, and "brand" the cold creme in front of you. Spectacular and super-smoky & tasty upper shell afterwards. Awesome.

                And the shabu shabu is great, too!

                1. Maison Akira in Pasadena :)

                  1. Fleur de Lys Patisserie in Monterey Park. Really nice mouthfeel, rich, nice deep vanilla flavor. Unlike many bakeries, they caramelize the tops only after you order them. They've been carrying a few flavors now. Vanilla, coffee, and (scratching my head) I can't recall the other flavor....


                    1. I tried the one at Church and State. Good but not memorable. The search continues!

                      1. I like the one at Orris, though it has fruit in the custard, and may be considered a little nontraditional.

                        1. I have been to Barbrix in Silverlake a few weeks ago, and I was not overly impressed with the menu and the dishes we ordered....but the Nutella crème brûlée was to die for: it had the right balance between creaminess and smoothness, chocolatey-milky flavor, not to sweet. I think I might just go back there just for this dessert (and I am normally a cheese plate person).