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Jun 5, 2009 04:12 AM

BBQ in or near central CT

I'm jonesin for some BBQ in or near central CT. I've done Little Marks Big Barbeque, Danny's Taste of Texas, Black Eyed Sallys, Smokin' with Chris. I have no desire to return to those places this time around. (nothing bad to say, just been there-done that)

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about:
Uncle Willie's in Waterbury--I've read several things about this place and I'm tempted to drive from West Hartford to Waterbury but is it worth it?

Smokin' Rock BBQ in Rocky Hill? The menu looks good.

Anywhere else?

I appreciate your suggestions. I'm bascially a brisket, pulled pork, variety of sides kinda person. I'm not huge into ribs myself but whomever I drag out for BBQ might be.


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  1. Haven't been to Uncle Willie's in years, but it was passable.

    I notices the Cookhouse wasn't on your list - they have a few locations.

    Also, passable. Wish we had superb BBQ in the state but I'm not aware of it. Best BBQ within reasonable driving distance was Holy Smokes (in a converted Church, hence the name) up near Northampton, but it burned down and I'm not sure if they resurfaced somewhere.

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    1. re: Uncledave

      I've been to the East Hartford location of Cookhouse however I believe most of their locations are now closed. The East Hartford one is closed for sure.

      thanks for the tip on Holy Smokes. I'll dig around. I do get up to NoHo and the surrounding areas every now and then (when I'm hitting the Donut Dip off of i-91).

      1. re: masha bousha

        Looks like he's got a mobile BBQ catering biz going now:

    2. I usually go for brisket myself, and Uncle Willie's is not the place for it. Barbecue brisket is one of the very few food items that I just don't think anyone in Connecticut is doing a good job with.
      Pulled pork is a lot easier to find a decent version of, though there are none in the state I'd call great. Uncle Willie's pulled pork is too sweet for me. The burnt ends are even more too sweet, and quite curiously includes pork in the mix. The ribs aren't half bad.

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      1. re: danieljdwyer

        Thanks for mentioning that the brisket isn't their forte. The menu is HUGE at Uncle Willy's.

        If I end up sucking it up and going there, I'll post a review.

      2. Have you seen the Pigtrip site, which focuses on New England BBQ?

        1. Uncle Willie's BBQ-Waterbury location was called the best one. I can't personally attest to it, though. Now that I know it is a short drive for me, I will be there soon and report back. The New Haven location closed not long ago. It was OK to meh..

          What about "Pit Stop BBQ Routisserie Masters", 985 W Main St, New Britain, CT 06053
          (860) 229-4111.

          I've not been there either, but this is the info I have found:
          Really small restaurant with smoky Carolina pulled pork. Also hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade soups and salads, chili and stew as well as traditional sandwiches.
          Call ahead if you plan a Saturday visit. Their BBQ catering could mean they would be closed. Open Monday through Saturday, 10 to 4. Takeout and catering available. No credit cards accepted, just cash or check.

          Of those you mentioned which do you like best? Your opinion of Wilson's in Fairfield?

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          1. re: Scargod

            I believe Pit Stop is a little joint that you can't eat in...and they close daily at 4pm (if it's the place I'm thinking of).
            Here's a link to an article about it:

            It's not quite what I'm looking for.

            1. re: masha bousha

              Yep, they have a counter and a few barstools in a crowded storefront, so not a sit-down place. I'd guess they don't have beer either.

          2. masha bousha, I've always enjoyed Little Mark's Big BBQ (and I have a funny/fond memory of a particular meal we ate there years ago). I haven't been in a long time. What did you like/dislike about it?

            Re Dave's BBQ at the Rock Cafe in Rocky Hill, I haven't been personally, but someone I know well has and reviewed it here (rdesmond). I trust rdesmond implicitly re food--looks like you're not missing anything here.