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Best cheap canned beer

What do you think is the best cheap canned beer that can be bought in L.A.?

$5 for a 6-pack seems like a good price cap for cheap beer ( < $1/beer ).

Shaefer's Light was kind of popular back in high school. I seem to remember that it was pretty good.

Old Milwaukee Best Light was very popular back in high school. I haven't had it since 1993. I seem to remember that it was fairly watered down.

It looks like BevMo! sells Keystone Light 30-pack for $14 which seems like a great value ( < $.50/can) - http://www.bevmo.com/Shop/ProductDeta...

What's your opinion?

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  1. Trader Joe's, Simpler Times lager is fair for 3.99 a six pack.

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      ... and is truly the worst beer I've ever tasted. Someone who will remain nameless brought over a 6pk for a BBQ that lived in the fridge for months. Do I have to tell you how long a beer usually lives in the fridge?

      1. re: jdwdeville

        AGREED! Absolutely awful. I took one sip and threw the rest away.

        I vote for Tecate.

        1. re: daftpunkxl

          I take strong exception to this. Simpler Times is my new favorite beer when I'm looking for a cold, clean pale lager. It's like an old time-y "Smokey and the Bandit" style original Coors.

          I drank Keystone all through college. It's not particularly good, but it's drinkable, and it'll get you where you're going.

      2. re: rockfish42

        OK, today I bought four six packs at Trader Joe's since it was $2.99 each. At $12 a case and 6.2% alcohol per volume, you can't beat it for a cheap drunk! Burp!

      3. Fresh and Easy (some of them) sell beer called Taurino Cerveza in both cans and bottles. I can't remember the prices of the cans vs. bottles, Definately under $10 for 12 bottles or 18 cans. More like $6 to $8. I think the price vaires by store a bit.

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          I'll second the rec for Taurino.. It's imported from El Salvador. When the 18-pack goes on sale at F & E, they drop the price to $6.99.

          1. $5 for a 6-pack seems a little high for cheap beer for me; you might as well pay the extra buck and get something that actually tastes good. I'm fond of Trader Joe's dunkelweizen, bock, and doppelbock ($6/6-pack).

            1. The first that comes to mind that is canned is Wittekerke, You can usually find it for a decent price.

              If you are going for cheap, yet palatible, maybe Michelob? I'm not sure if it comes canned though.

              1. The former downtown Mitsuwa, now Little Tokyo Marketplace, has Kirin (and Sapporo) for $7.99 a 12-pack but I've seen it there once for $6.99. Also the westside Mitsuwa will on a rare occasion do a whole case of Kirin cans for $13.99 though that is a once in blue moon special. I find that it's the best price I can find in town for a beer that I really enjoy.

                I also second the Tecate but it seems like it's cheapness factor has been wearing off in recent years. Best deal I can find is $12 or $13 (can't remember) for an 18-pack when it's on sale at CVS - and it usually is.

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                  Wow, Kirin or Sapporo for 7.99 a 12 pack? I wish I would have known that. On the flip side of this argument, i think I paid like 10 bucks for a canned Corona at the Roosevelt pool. Thats a pretty steep ambience tax...
                  I don't always drink beer... but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

                2. Can't seem to find an old favorite called Lucky Lager which I could only find at one local Mexican market (and that was a few years ago). My father used to drink it while watching wrestling during the 50s on black and white TV. Are they still in business?
                  Oh, bought a couple of cases of Kirin at Marukai @ $13.99 each a few weeks ago. That sure was a lot cheaper than any domestic beer nowadays. Even cheaper than Pabst.

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                    Protip: The canned Japanese beer (and most of the bottled) sold in 12 or 24 packs at Marukai, Mitsuwa, et al. is brewed in the U.S. or Canada under contract. If you look for it, you can find fresh and local "Japanese" beer from the Anheuser-Busch plant in Van Nuys...

                    And if the OP hasn't already found it, one of the best ways to sort through all the macro-swill is by going to RateBeer.com.

                    1. re: Joe Blowe

                      True. I have purchased 24 packs of canned Sapporo and Mitsuwa in Torrance for $13.99 before. I was wondering why it was such a deal and noticed it was brewed here. Still very tasty...and better for the environment since it's local!

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                      They used to carry Lucky at Ralph's but I'm not sure they still do. I thought it was fun because there were puzzles under the cap.

                    3. 36 pack of MGD for 20 bucks @costco

                      Anything less is a crime against humanity

                      1. I love cheap relatively low flavor and easy to drink canned beer. My votes are also for Simple Times (and the one thing I'll add is that it also has a high alcohol content - over 6% - it is very smooth but perhaps some tasters do not go for its slightly sweet finish), and for the 30 pack of Tecate purchased at Costco for like $18 (drier than Simple Times and more standard level of alcohol content).

                        1. Folks, please help keep the L.A. board focused on locally available beers and where you get a good deal on them.

                          We have a Beer board for our beer fanatics to discuss beer brands in general, but to be on topic for this board, please share tips on local sources. Thanks!

                          1. I bought a 12-pack of Keystone Light and a 12-pack of Old Milwaukee Light from Bevmo on Sunday. I tried one of each. Horrible!

                            I think that these beers are marketed to kids so kids can feel cool for drinking a whole 6-pack because this beer is essentially water. The beer can is probably filled half-way and then topped off with water.

                            I tried a can of Tecate Light. The taste that came to mind is "dirty dishwater" - I poured the rest of the can down the drain.

                            Also, it seems like some of the cheap beer cans simply don't get cold. I think this type of beer is really designed to be stored in an iced-down cooler. I think that's the only way to really get this beer cold.

                            I saw an 18-pack of bud light on sale at CVS for about 60 cents per can. I think my best bet may be to buy the good stuff on sale and pay a small premium over the low end stuff.

                            I googled bevmo amstel light and they sell it in bottles for about $1/peice. IMO, Amstel Light is the ultimate light beer. I've been drinking it nearly exclusively for the last 3 years and I'm never disappointed....

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                              I disagree. I really like beer whether it's a Dogfish Head, Anchor, Stone, Alesmith, Russian River, etc. I would say that I love beer.
                              However, on a summer day when I'm down at the beach playing volleyball, there's not a beer I'd rather have in between games than an ice cold Miller Lite. It's not a beer I sit down to at home, but in sporting environments, it's what I want to drink.
                              Some people would say, I'd rather drink water and have a good beer later. Not me. I like cold Miller Lite down at the beach. I like it when I'm playing golf as well.
                              As far as OP's query, I haven't found a cheap canned beer that I want to drink at home. I tried Simpler Times and thought it was awful. It reminded me of Natural Ice or Icehouse from college days.
                              If I want beer and don't feel like paying $10 a 6-pack, I'll buy one of the beers my local liquor store has on special for $5 or $6 / 6-pack--usually something from Mirror Pond or Sierra Nevada.

                            2. At Food4Less yesterday I picked up a 30 pack of Natural Ice for $13.98. It said it contained 5.9% alcohol. Not bad for a cheap lager beer? It was cheaper than Pabst and that's cheap!

                              1. 99 Ranch markets have imported beer on sale from time to time. I picked up a six of Singha for $4.99 and Tsing-Tao for $3.99 when it goes on sale. These to me are not considered "cheap" beer by quality thought the prices is pretty good. They have deals sometimes on Sapporo and Kirin as well, a six for about $5.00. This is in Van Nuys on Sepulveda and Victory.

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                                1. re: Ery1

                                  Picked up a 12 of Sapporo on Sunday at this store for $7.99.

                                  1. re: tykapfh

                                    I concur. 99 Ranch and other asian markets have good deals on beer. I picked up a 12 pack of Sapporo cans for $7.99. Also got some crab to go along with that. Not bad for father's day.