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Jun 5, 2009 01:14 AM

In search of: Malted Wheat Flakes, Barley Flakes, Medium/Coarse Oatmeal

I figured bulk barn would have this stuff, but they don't.

So where would you shop for such items?

I live in the west end but can travel

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  1. How far west are you? Have you tried The Big Carrot in the Carrot Common on the Danforth (Danforth and Chester just east of Broadview on the north side). They carry the steel cut oats. They'll probably carry the other two items you listed though I've never checked for those. I live near Pickering and there's an organic grocer called "Tiano's" that carry their own brand of steel cut oats. Cheaper than the Big Carrot and in a bigger bag but I'm guessing that's way too far for you.

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      Hey sorry lost this one.. I live in Etobicoke near the Airport. I'll save this Big Carrot place in my Google Map though, thank you! Next time I'm close by I'll stop in and have a poke.

    2. Steel cut oats are readily available and I'm surprised that Bulk barn doesn't have them. Ambrosia on Glen Cameron in Thornhill will have the Oatmeal and Barley Flakes and they might know about the Malted Wheat Flakes. (They have unmalrted.) Planet Organic has a good selection of this type of thing, so they might be worth a try, but their prices are very high. They're not far form Ambrosia, on Bayview south of Highway 7.

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        Ah Steel Cut Oats is medium or coarse oatmeal? I'm pretty sure Bulk Barn did have that, but I didn't know they were the same thing, and neither did the guy who worked there I guess..

        Thanks! I'll have a look at some of these stores to see what I can find.. I'm just trying to make some silly granola recipe from a Grains recipe book I have.. It looks delicious, just couldn't find all the stuff.. And now that I have 9/10ths of the ingredients, I'm not overly inclined to give up! :)

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          You definitely don't want steel cut oats in a granola recipe! They would be like gravel, almost unchewable. What you need is medium or coarse ROLLED oats. The standard commercial products are Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, which are the coarse, and Quick Quaker Oats, which are the medium variety. I think Rogers Foods also has a line of rolled oats. Definitely try Ambrosia, where you will also see an interesting selection of granolas to inspire you to try other ingredients.

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            I was about to ask what you're using the steel cut oats for, because there are many different kinds of processed form of the oat and steel cut is certainly the toughest kind, although that would make for the best oatmeal porridge.

            It's good you're making your own granola! I started recently making my own muesli mix too because I suddenly realised the boxed ones cost so much more than home-made and they are nowhere as delicious.

        2. re: OTFOODIE

          I'd second Ambrosia, versus Planet Organic, for the same reason, especially since you say you're near the airport, the store is not far from the 407 exit on Bayview.

          However, sitting here at my place is a bag of barley flakes (as well as buckwheat flakes and millet flakes, all from the same brand) that I got from Ambrosia last time they were on sale. I and my toddler DD found them too bitter, and I think it has to do with the way of processing.

        3. I've bought barley flakes (i think maybe it was actually called rolled barley) at Simply Bulk on Bloor West near Jane. They also have rolled oats, both conventionally produced and organic (and to my eye, they look exactly like the Quaker Old Fashioned Oats mentioned by OTFOODIE), and wheat flakes (although I don't think they were malted). You might also try to seek out a grocery store that carries a wide variety of the Bob's Red Mill grains - Fiesta Farms on Christie south of Dupont had rye flakes, wheat flakes, spelt flakes and possibly barley flakes the last time I looked, but they were *really* hard to find (on the bottom shelf of the cereal aisle).