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Jun 5, 2009 01:11 AM

It's national doughnut day!

According to the news, it;s national doughnut day. So in honor of what should be a national holiday, what is the best doughnut you've ever eaten or what doughnut would you like to see created?

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  1. a chocolate honey glazed doughnut' washed down with a hershey's chocolate milk, eaten in the parking lot of the dunkin' doughnuts in south plainfield' NJ alongside my grandfather.
    a close second are are the yeast raised doughnuts from the Summit Bakery

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    1. re: ReggieL.

      This is my other favorite (or chocolate/chocolate frosted). What I wouldn't give to have one with my grandfather, too.

      Indie favorite was Luke's in Avon, CT, but I haven't been in years...and it's nowhere near my home.

    2. Apple cider donuts from the apple farm down the street. When I was younger it was a weekend tradition to drive down to the cider mill and get donuts (or afternoon hot dogs simmered in cider), cider, and apples. Unfortunately it became a tourist destination and the prices went up along with the crowds. Still went down, but not as often.

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      1. re: viperlush

        I kind of have a similar memory. Except that it was once a year when we would go pick apples in PA. I don't remember much except for hot cider and darn good doughnuts.

      2. My Gramma Dorothy used to fry up donuts to sell locally to add money to the household. She actually got so many orders for her donuts she had to get a machine to help process the frying. So she had this conveyor in her kitchen that floated the donuts into and through the fat, then tossed them out the other side into a pan of sugar. She'd shake them up hot in the sugar then bag them.

        Nothing has ever been better than one of Gramma's donuts hot from the fryer. :)

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        1. re: Morganna

          That's awesome, I don't think anyone can top that.

          1. re: Morganna

            WOW--thank god my grandparents made grinders instead of donuts. ;) I'm sure they were WONDERFUL...thank you for the trip down memory lane through your Gramma's kitchen.

            It reminds me a little of the quick 'n dirty fried dough balls we used to make at my uncle's restaurant with the extra pizza dough (same treatment with the sugar--we used to shake the dough balls/pizza fritte in a paper bag).

          2. Old fashioned cake doughnut with chocolate glaze, fresh out of the fryer, from the Top Pot on 5th in Seattle.

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            1. re: charmedgirl

              That place is a treasure, best cake doughnuts on the planet. I go for the white icing & sprinkles. Best regular drip coffee too!

            2. Just an update - both dunkin' and Krispy Kreme are offering fre doughnuts today. Just in case anyone was wondering.

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              1. re: ReggieL.

                Oh, man...must go get a Boston Kreme (their spelling, not mine) immediately after I finish my, um, salad. WOOHOO! That and a hot coffee shake (small, decaf hazelnut, light, two sugars).