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Jun 4, 2009 09:58 PM

Not a (Mexican) taco, not a truck

Just tried a bite at Tako Truk, the new streetside offering in Eastlake that's furthering the street food meme currently captivating Seattle. NW corner of Eastlake & Lynn, next to the Zoo.

Very good. We'll be back. Fresh flavorful ingredients. Good char on the grilled items. Fun, inventive combinations in fresh, tiny tortillas. They'll tweet you the menu and when they run out if you like.

The name is playful. Very decidedly not Mexican tacos -- tonight's fillings included pork belly & lentil, octopus, sweet yam & black bean, chicken & slaw & microfries. Also not in a truck -- they borrow 13 Carrot Cafe's kitchen during the evening when it's closed, and you sit outside.

$5 gets you 2 or 3 tacos, depending on the ingredients -- each about two good bites.

It's a nice adjunct to the Zoo next door. With that and Louisa's new evening hours, dinner in Eastlake is getting more options.

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    1. re: Violet Strychnine

      Had the oxtail soup last night. very tasty!
      The beef taco was the standout. pork was a little sweet for my taste, but not offensive.

      Not a destination taco, but a very nice addition to the eastlake scene!
      I like that it interacts well with zoo (and vox) and I appreciate their very simple menu.

      1. re: black bean can

        We headed out tonight for what will be destination tacos. Tried them all, plus the fava soup. Loved the pork belly w/ micro-fries best, potato and chick peas next. Great concept, yummy, inventive flavors. Had them w/ a beer at the smoky Zoo. (What's with that?)

    2. I really like what the Tako Truk guys are doing! Everythign I've had there has been really creative and internationally inspired. Oh yeah, and tasty.

      The leaves of mint that cut through the fattiness of the pork belly tacos, the sweet-sour aftertaste left by the pickled carrots, the crunchy "fries" that add texture to the chicken tacos, that note of cumin in the octupus tacos w/ some yogurt to mellow out the spice... it's the attention to detials like these that set this "tako truk" apart IMO

      They've also recently started adding non-taco items to the menu like tamales and soups. Yum!

      BTW - Their twitter (which sometimes reads like it was written by a peppy 13 year old girl) has a completely different vibe than the stand itself (which is actualyl really low key).