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Essencha Tea House 2009

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I'm behind in my posts talking up this place! I was lucky enough to be there in Nov, 2008, Dec. 2008, and Feb. 2009, courtesy of holidays and a cousin's wedding.

Still such a fabulous place! Still such wonderful tea and terrific service. This place has such a calm atmosphere, even when there are lots of people. It is a treat to sit down with my tea and book and just get away from it all. So much nicer than a Starbucks!

One particular tea worth mentioning: the muscatel darjeeling. It was just the best I've ever had. Of course, it is expensive, so I stuck to teapots there, or the sampler. Still, a tremendous bargain for such a great tea. Of course, the problem after that was getting myself to try something new, which is a great treat in a place like Essencha.

The foods are good, too. I had a great salmon sandwich once. Othertimes I just stick to my usual edamame or dessert accompanyment. Or just tea.

Anyway, Essencha still seems to be going strong. I wish I lived in Cinti to be able to go more often. Intead I go when I'm in town, and stock up on tea (or order it online) when I'm not. But I like to post recent notes just to make sure other chowhounds looking for good tea find it.

Thank you Essencha!

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      It is in Cincinnati, Ohio in the neighborhood of Oakley. Here is the website as well: http://www.essencha.com/ . They have large variety of loose leaf teas and run quite a few tea events thoughout the year. If you are a tea lover it is definitely worth a trip!