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Freezing leftover asparagus?

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Hi All,

So, I was tempted at the market today by local fresh asparagus -- unfortunately it was pre-bundled, and so had to buy over a pound. It was delicious steamed for dinner tonight, but since I'm going out of town for the weekend tomorrow, I cooked it all, figuring it wouldn't keep over the weekend raw. I ate a lot of it, but still have some left. Was wondering if it would totally destroy it if I froze it, with the thought of using it in cream of asparagus soup or something later on. I could use some in an omlette tomorrow before I go, but I don't think I'll be able to eat it all up before I go. Any thought?



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  1. Fully cooked asparagus will probably turn to mush. Next time set aside what you can't eat and blanch for about 1 minute, then freeze. This works for green beans and other green veggies as well. I don't know why, but it comes out better than freezing them completely raw.

    If you will only be gone for a couple of days, just keep the cooked asparagus in the fridge. Give it a spritz of lemon juice if you want some insurance against nasty bugs.

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      I agree with Zeldog. Another option would be to make a cream of asparagus soup now and freeze the soup in a Ziploc bag.

    2. I'm buying local asparagus now and keeping it (uncooked) a week easily. Boo hoo for you.

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        Same, I wrap mine in just a paper towel and then just a loose plastic bag, one of those veggie saran wrap bags with holes in it. They work good for asparagus, broccoli, etc. Even without that it should keep uncooked for a week no prob. I buy mine Sat am and just had my last pound tonight and was fresh as ever, It would of easily been good another day or two.

        Or blanch and freeze and mentioned above by Zeldog, Also, a quick chop, some onions, wine, cream maybe some potatoes a few herbs, etc ... and it makes one great cream of asparagus soup as DAG mentioned, great soup. You can add lots of other things, but that is a start.

      2. I do it all the time but -- and here is the big but to this -- I only use the frozen asparagus in an omelette after it is frozen. Freezing does indeed turn it to a water-laden pile of green mush. To defrost, I place the bundle on several layers of folded paper towels and either defrost in the microwave or let it go at room temperature. Once defrosted, I change the paper towels and press out the excess moisture. At that point, they are dry and quite decent additions to a frittata or omelette, but they are also flat and not a very good texture for eating straight up. I couldn't imagine trying to serve them as a side dish once frozen.

        1. I'd freeze it now, and use it for soup later.

          1. Have you got time to whip up the soup now and then freeze THAT? Soup freezes beautifully but once those asparagus spears hit the ice they'll never be the same again.

            1. Hi all -- thanks for the tips! I'm guessing I should have just kept it raw, but since I didn't, I think I will try freezing it for use in a soup. Thanks for the tips on how long it will keep fresh and for better ways to handle overages in the future:-)

              1. One last thing I didn't mention. I'm sure it will work but honestly haven't tried it and that would be since it is already cooked ... blend it food processor or blender and then freeze. This way it wont get mushy and would be ready to put in a sauce or soup.
                I made a great sherry, cream sauce with asparagus to go over salmon once. Just blended roasted asparagus with some cream and sherry, I think some dill s/p is all I used and heated it up. It was so easy and really good. The salmon was grilled with s/p and a lemon slice is all. I served the salmon on a bed of mashed leeks so the asparagus was a nice match to it.

                Or put it right in a soup or even add to another creamed soup.

                Just a thought. Never pureed it first but why not?