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Jun 4, 2009 06:18 PM

Good Eats Along I-65 Between Louisville and Nashville, TN?

Any good places to stop between Louisville and Nashville for lunch tomorrow? All types of food appreciated.

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  1. I don't know about between, but North of Downtown Nashville on I-65, right off the trinity lane exit is a GREAT bbq place. It's a real treat, called Jack's! The one downtown is nowhere near as good. They pull the ribs right out of the smoker and cut them while you're ordering! The best meat and three in town if you like that sort of food. Any time family visit us that's where we have to go!

    1. Jimmy, I've heard great things about the Star Cafe in Goodlettsville. They are no more than 3 or four minutes off of I-65. I haven't been there myself because I live on the opposite end of Nashville and know no one in Goodlettesville, but I have never heard a single person say that the food there isn't pretty great. They are well known for their fried chicken and their meatloaf. Unlike the majority of the meat-and-threes around Nashville, they are also open for dinner.

      As for cooksong's endorsement of the ribs at Jack's BBQ on Trinity Lane, I also speak highly of their ribs. I didn't like their pork shoulder or their chicken, though. Their smoked turkey is pretty good, though.

      Sarah M.