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Jun 4, 2009 05:50 PM

HELP! Dinner for 7 people TOMORROW!

So 6 of my friends all have internships in NYC this summer and they all just arrived last week, and we're getting together this Friday for dinner... except my friend who planned the dinner forgot to make reservations till today at Sushi Yasuda, and guess what, they're fully booked! So now it's up to me to save the day. I've looked on eater and nymag for recession specials, but most of the ones I'm interested in aren't offered on Friday, so please please please, any help would be appreciated!

Here are some guidelines:

-They would prefer a prix fixe option, but one that's less than $30 so all of the Jean Georges restaurants are out.
-We're pretty open to any cuisine but would prefer Japanese, Italian, French, or American
-As mentioned above, $30 is the most we'd like to spend per person
-We'd like to stay within the boundaries of Soho & Columbus Circle, but are willing to travel East and West.

I have a backup reservation at Landmarc at the Time Warner Center just in case, because the food there is pretty solid, although nothing special (besides the burgers! yum!).

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  1. hey. i was going to post the same type of post. im coming to ny next weekend for my birthday and ive been looking for a place for the last few weeks. i tried booking a reservation for 8 at la esquina, but they were all booked. any suggestions for a similar place? id prefer latin cuisine with good music but im open to anything.

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      $30 is tough, yasuda wouldve been way more. Anyway, Kittichai at the Thompson Hotel, stick to the appetizers or share tasting menu, they give lots of food. Real nice place and great bar in the same hotel. Takahachi is reasonable and the one in tribeca has a back room where you can all fit at a big table. Indochine , Nam , or Mai House for vietnamese upscale food,, Pastis is solid ,Cercle Rouge is good in tribeca , shouldnt be hard to get a table, same with Odeon. Italian you might try Gigino in tribeca or by battery park, good Tuscan food, fairly reasonable.

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        thanks for the recs, i'll see which are available :) Yasuda's only expensive if you get the omakase, which is excellent if you're willing to splurge, but I find that their sushi sets are definitely more than satisfying, especially for the price!

        1. re: jisforjenn

          On the advice of other chowhounders, I went to Ushiwakamaru last night. Located on Houston between Sullivan and MacDougal. (212) 228-4181. Absolutely outstanding sushi. It's less expensive than Yasuda and while I can't imagine how you plan to get of these places for $30 or less, give it a try. They have a 10 piece for $40 special chef's choice which is terrific.

    2. is your best bet. Have you picked a restaurant yet?

      1. In the vein of Japanese food since Yasuda was the initial choice:
        1. Chiyono (small, quaint, home-style cooked dishes, $30 prix fixe)
        2. Kamui Den (similar vein to Chiyono, with nabe specials, $20 pre-theater prix fixe)
        3. Matsugen (JG's japanese restaurant, $35 prix fixe slightly above budget but really good)
        4. Katsuhama (fried food specialist, zero atmosphere and kind of run down interiors but >$20 ladies and gentlemens' sets!)