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Jun 4, 2009 05:13 PM

Looking for stainless steel Kettle, preferably not made overseas.

I'm looking for a new Tea Kettle, well actually have been for several years now. I want a stainless kettle, and prefer it to not be made over seas. Main reason I say that I've had 2 now that where assembled in China and they have been utter failures. My last one was a Wolfgang Puck, which had seems that rusted inside and hard to clean when it needed cleaning. It does have to be stainless steel though, I made the poor choice of buying a Chantel once, it's not cool when the interior starts chipping apart and sitting in your cup of tea, how it chipped with nothing touching it is a mystery to me.

For the last 8 months I been using a small german sauce pan, not ideal for boiling water, but it beats the Wolfgang Kettle by leaps and bounds.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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  1. comfortablynumb, may I humbly suggest that you realign your criteria? "Overseas" is not a good criterion; "made in China" may be. There are many excellent products made in Finland and Japan, to name just two nations, that are very much "overseas" and yet are of very high quality. "Stainless steel," however, is going to steer you toward "made in China." China (PRC) dominates world production of stainless steel right now.

    I cannot tell where this teakettle is made, but (despite your past mauvaises quartes d'heures) Chantal is a German company. You may want to attempt to find out where the item actually is made, because a stainless teakettle has nothing in it to chip.

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      Sorry i wasn't thinking and should of said China, I was just trying to think of a way to not offend anyone, it won't let me edit the topic now. I wouldn't mind purchasing anything made in Japan, Finland, Germany, etc...

      The Chantal I had was before they started there stainless line, I had the enameled version, and the enamel is what chipped and fell apart.

      1. re: comfortablynumb

        Hey, careful -- some of us CHers are made in China and we're not that bad!

        I have this Pino electric kettle and LOVE it: No plastic interior, variable temp, etc. -- i searched long and hard for this and it was the best I could find. Seems a bit flimsy in construction and recent Amazon reviewers at link above seem to have found QC problems with it, but I've had mine about a year now, use it several times a wk, and it's still going strong. But don't know where it was made - could've been China.

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          We drink tea every day. We simply fill our regular ceramic, pottery, porcelain or whatever teapot with water, then put it in the microwave on high for 7 minutes. After the water comes to a boil we put in the tea ball or bags and brew our tea right in there. No need for another pot.

      2. EDIT to my first post (thank you to Politeness),

        I'm looking for something not made in China, so anything over seas minus China would be fine. I just need to phrase my words better....

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        1. re: comfortablynumb

          Get an electric kettle.

          After we went through any number of kettles for a variety of reasons, we bought an electric kettle. We have it for over a year or two. It has not burned out. It boils water faster than a regular kettle on the cook top. It does not clutter the cook top with useless metal. True it does take up counter space, but when I am cooking on the stove, a conventional kettle must be removed to the counter so the clutter factor is the same.

          If you want to learn more about the electric kettle we bought I can see if we still have
          the specs. It was about $20 or less from Target, I believe. I suspect it might be Chinese, but it -- thus far -- seems to be well-made.

          ADDITION: Perhaps I misunderstood the request. Are you looking for a kettle or a tea-pot? A tea kettle could be either. A kettle simply contains water to be boiled. A tea pot contains the previously boiled water to which tea has been added. Please clarify.

          1. re: VivreManger

            Good luck steering clear of "Made in China"! I think avoiding Chinese products is a pointless exercise. Even if the pot isn't stamped made in China, the steel itself probably came from there. It reminds of the scene in "Thelma and Louise" where Susan Sarandon insists on getting to Mexico without going through Texas.

            The trouble with electric kettles is that it is one more GD thing taking up space on the countertop. If all you want is hot water for tea, run it through a drip coffe maker sans coffee.

            1. re: MikeB3542

              But a kettle takes up space on a stove and there is usually more counter space than there is stove top space. BTW a coffee maker also takes up space on a counter and is usually less movable than an electric kettle.

              True confession: I don't drink tea or coffee so I regard electric coffee makers and kettles of whatever sort as wasting space wherever they may be placed. However my wife does drink both and we find that the electric kettle is the least intrusive means of quicking boiling water.

        2. Not stainless but I posted this for someone else the other day.

          It's glass. It's US manufacture. It's a workhorse. It's fun. And we love it!

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          1. re: rainey

            I love that. Thanks for the pic. Also drooling over your little staub kettle. WANT!

          2. I gather they drink tea in China, don't they? They must have some suitable way of boiling water.

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            1. re: David A. Goldfarb

              "They must have some suitable way of boiling water."

              They do: . They're extremely popular across ALL of Asia. (And, the Zojirushi is made in Japan.)

              I have had one for a few years now, and I'll never go back to a mere stovetop or electric *kettle*.

            2. Thanks for the replies,

              - I'm looking for a kettle to boil water; I have a teapot to prepare tea in

              - Country of Origin, again I'm not looking to ruffle feathers by saying I want something not from China. It's a preference, after many failed attempts with products. I'm fully aware even if it's stamped made in 'insert country here' it could have parts from anywhere and everywhere.

              - Material, I really prefer metal I have a glass top stove and worry glass with out a diffuser may shatter (maybe I'm wrong). I really want to stay away from plastic, thus why I haven't really looked at electric kettles much, I looked at a Russel Hobbs model that was all steel but it's not made anymore. Others even if metal have plastics inside, from what I can find online.

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              1. re: comfortablynumb

                "I really want to stay away from plastic..."

                Can you elaborate? What are your concerns? It's true that some electric kettles have plastic interiors, but the better models do not.

                (Pssst, the Zojirushi has a METAL interior...)

                1. re: Joe Blowe

                  Main reason is due to some medical issues, I don't want water that's been boiled in a plastic interior.

                2. re: comfortablynumb

                  The (Edgecraft) Chef's Choice Electric French Press Plus (Model 695), has a borosilicate glass cylinder atop a metal heating element; there is a silicone seal between the base and the glass cylinder, but none of the seal intrudes into the area where the water boils. It is made in Germany. It comes with two tops, one a French press strainer, the other just a top. The water never touches the top until you pour the water, but you could remove the top before pouring and then the water would not touch plastic even then.

                  We have owned and used the Model 695; it appears that the new Model 679 (which lacks the French press capability) also brews in glass: I do not know where the Model 679 is made, however.

                  1. re: Politeness

                    Thanks Politeness, that does look interesting, I'll add that to a very lonely list of possible candidates :)

                    1. re: Politeness

                      BUMMER- I just called the company- their electric kettles, including the French Press are made in China.