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Jun 4, 2009 05:08 PM

Catering for picnic type event (burbank/studio city)

Hello kind Chowsters,

I'm organizing an appreciation day for the volunteers of a local animal rescue organization. Looking to get an on-site taco truck/BBQ/pizza truck or similar in the 10 to 15 dollar pp range for 40 people. I can research earlier threads, but was hoping someone would have a top of mind idea about such a caterer who could provide a vegetarian option without running up the cost. Thank you.

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  1. i would give spork foods a call for the vegetarian food.

    i think the number is: 323.284.8733

    it sounds like you already know that many animal rescuers are vegetarian or vegan so a bbq truck would probably be off-putting, or even revolting, to many in your group.

    also, i'd ask the lady that runs homegirl cafe (on bruno st. near alameda) what she could do for you. i know that the cafe itself is very vegetarian friendly and that she makes these vegetarian tacos with tofu that has been seasoned like chorizo that are terrific and that they do catering.