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Jun 4, 2009 05:01 PM

Recommended dishes at Cuisine Szechuan?

Hi all. Looking forward to checking out Cuisine Szechuan downtown after reading other threads here. Any recommended dishes?

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  1. Hiya, as I just mentioned (you probably didn't see it before starting this new thread) there is a huge thread about Cuisine Szechuan with all sorts of recommendations:

    1. My personal faves include the cucumber salad (the one with the pieces of bean starch jelly, ask them which one that is), the wontons in spicy broth and the chicken with tofu flower. If you like offal, the pork tongue and heart appetizer is very unique and delicious.

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        I might as well mention the dishes we didn't like so much .. Szechuan chicken on crispy deep-fried spinach had big clumps of white sugar on the spinach (which was not as crispy as some of my friends would have liked), shrimp and mixed vegetables on crispy rice (we were in a crispy mood I guess!) was more of a Cantonese tasting dish although the deep-fried rice was interesting to try. It did get soggy pretty fast. And although eggplant with potatoes and pepper was interesting we'd probably try a different eggplant dish next time. My favourite was definitely the mapo tofu.

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          Chili chicken is my favourite - keep in mind that it's small pieces of chicken with bones in them, and more chili peppers than meat, so it's tricky to eat - but so good...

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            Cumin beef and those noodle and cucumbers salad! The wontons too, the fried cabbage, sort of sour, was great too.

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              A few days ago partner and I ordered "tofu flower and fish in Szechuan sauce"and sweet and sour cabbage. Both were fantastic. Cabbage was not too sweet, with an amazing wok hai. Enough smokiness, but not overwhelming. Between the two of us, it was gone in 60 seconds.

              We asked the difference between two ostensibly similar cabbage dishes (not sure about the exact wording but something like "cabbage with hot and sour sauce" versus "hot and sour cabbage"). Our server said that it is the type of cabbage that differs in these dishes and suggested the one made with Chinese cabbage.

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                Thanks kpzoo- saw your link to the previous thread literally seconds after I started this one. The other thread on C.S. is a long one (!), but the cumin beef and tofu flower and fish/chicken in szechuan sauce seem to come up over and over to speak.

        2. Just in case you were panning on going tonight, please note that Cuisine Szechuan is closed tonight as it was all weekend. We tried going yesterday but ran into a locked door and a sign stating that they were closed on June 5,6 and 7.

          We ended up going to Oui & Oui where we had a terrific meal including a dish of spicy bone-in chicken and potatoes that is not on the english menu, but definitley worth checking out. Much milder than chili chicken, but with great depth of flavour with the potatoes soaking up all the greasy, spicy, chickeny goodness.