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Jun 4, 2009 04:58 PM

Seafood izakayas near Nogizaka/Roppongi stations?

I'm also looking for a good seafood izakaya in that neighborhood... Actually I'm looking for anything else special in that area...

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    If you're not opposed to a walk, Bombance is about 15-20min away and pretty good. Ryugin is in the area as well, which is delicious.

    Akasaka isn't far from Roppongi either, and you can find lots of places as well:
    !Buri (Izakaya). 3560-6322
    Buri offers superb traditional Japanese food in small dishes at reasonable prices. The sake serving size is also smaller than usual - 120 ml instead of 180 ml - with correspondingly lower prices, allowing you to try more varieties while putting less strain on your wallet and your sobriety. The well-chosen selection numbers about thirty, most of them standouts. Budget around 4,000 yen per person. [feedback
    ]Akasaka 3-13-12. Open 11:30am-2, 5-11pm (LO). Closed Sundays.

    1. I recommended a seafood izakaya called NABURA ROPPONGI. Here is the review I wrote more than a year ago:

      There have been many restaurants recommended in Roppongi area on past threads, just use the SEARCH function on top of the Japan Board.

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        A tip I just got from a high end sushi chef friend who's opinion I trust greatly is an izakaya called 'Itsumo'.. i know its in Roppingi, but apart from that, i have no details... anyone know it?

      2. Open all year around even on Sundays, 800 yen lunch sets available. The volume is huge and they have "beer garden" on second floor for open air ambience until the end of summer.

        Uoshin Nogizaka ^ No Fish No Life
        (it's hard to miss, especially after dark...the place is buzzing with jolly locals


        couldn't find good photos but here's two.. they have tons of fried and grilled dishes as well.

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          How is Uoshin Nogizaka? I've walked by on the way home a few times and it looks fun, good food?

          EDIT: Just found this on Japantimes:

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            I walk by this place every day on my way to school in Azabu-Juban and it looks great but I don't read any Japanese so I can't tell whats on the menu LOL.

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              Just wanted to change your “if one day” by a “go on and try”… your database and your calls will be granted, so go and try a seafood izakaya. Uoshin, hummm. not so.

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            I live in Nogizaka and have been to uoshin there many times. Great fun, very enjoyable little place.

            1. re: Asomaniac

              Fish is very fresh and Uoshin have recommandation with red stamps, but being busy at table…Not for me, not a virtuosity specialist, and assure the drinking, commenting, grilling fish (and eat !!!).