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Jun 4, 2009 04:53 PM

Best Fried Okra?

I'm looking for the best fried okra in Los Angeles, preferable near Hermosa Beach (home) or Century City (work). I've tried Johnny Reb's in Long Beach, and it's the only I've had so far that comes close to Mom's. Lucille's fell far short.

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  1. Fried okra with a spicy Cajun remoulade is mentioned on the menu at "South" in Santa Monica. Never been there, no idea if it's good, but it IS on the menu!

    Best place I ever had fried okra was actually in Manhattan (not Beach), at a Southern place that did it with a side of really spicy, fatty pork gravy.

    1. I don't like Johnny Reb's okra. It tastes frozen to me. And, this being Southern California, they serve it with ranch dressing, which, as a Southerner, I find funny.

      I grew up eating homemade. When I really want it, nothing else will do. I do egg wash and cornmeal, and fry in peanut oil. A little Tabasco drizzle and a beer round it out nicely.

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        I'm with you on the ranch dressing being out of line. I'll just have to break out Mom's recipe myself this weekend.