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Jun 4, 2009 04:41 PM

Any good Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill

I just moved to the neighborhood and I need some guidance. Where can I find good Thai/Chinese/ Vietnamese comfort food?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated as well!

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  1. The simple answer to your question is NO. However, Chance on Smith St. is an Asian fusion place that is serviceable. The two Banh Mi places, Nicky's on Atlantic and Hanco's off Smith are also not bad.

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      1. re: NYJewboy

        Chinese is terrible around here--even if you set a low-bar of "quick, weeknight, fine but no surprises." I have no idea why. You can find this category of Thai at Joya (Court nr. Warren), and when they're too busy or Ghang (Smith nr. Baltic). Aside from the bahn mi place, no Vietnamese place has been able to stick.

      2. re: bobjbkln

        While Nicky's may not be Ba Xuyen by any stretch, I kind of like them, and I think the portobello mushroom banh mi they do actually works.

        1. re: Peter Cherches

          Tell me, is it possible to get fed at Nicky's fairly quickly? We walked by, hungry one night and there were several people hanging around waiting without any perceptible bustling to feed them. We werent willing to take the risk of a long wait and walked on.

          1. re: jen kalb

            I haven't been there in quite a while, so I don't know what the current situation. I always got served very quickly.

            1. re: Peter Cherches

              i was always served quickly but haven't been there for a while either. tried to go sunday night but it was closed. are they always closed on sundays? I couldn't find their hours on their website.

              1. re: missmasala

                thanks guys. Appreciate the encouragement.

                1. re: missmasala

                  I don't know about Sundays, but their hours were fairly short on weekdays. Something like noon-9.

        2. I second Joya for Thai, though it seems to be slipping as of late. If you're looking for authentic Chinese, no luck. If you want Chimerican food, Andy's is edible.

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          1. re: Bkeats

            Fortunately, if you get on the train to chinatown, you will be able to obtain all the comfort food you need in just a few minutes.

          2. I think Teeda Thai on Columbia St is the best in the neighborhood, but agreed, that's a low bar.

            1. order from Hunan Delight in Park Slope, they deliver pretty far and are very good at classic old-school american-chinese comfort food.

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              1. re: Widmark

                Wasn't that the one that closed about a year ago on 7th between Union & President? Szechuan Delight, on 7th near Garfield is still in business. In either case, old school means '70s pseudo-Szechuan, not '50s pseudo-Cantonese which is what I consider old school (harder to find--have to go to Golden Gate in Riverdale).

                1. re: Peter Cherches

                  No, Hunan Delight is on the corner of 6th and Union, and 70s is plenty old-school for me! Point is they deliver to Cobble Hill and is a dependable sit-down place.

                  1. re: Widmark

                    Ah, I've never tried that one. What do they do well, given the in-a-pinch compromise nature of that kind of place?

                    1. re: Peter Cherches

                      they do everything well. Chicken and Broccoli, Orange Chicken, General Tso's. Plus extensive fake meat versions that my veggie friends swear by. I really miss these places, in Queens I have to decide between questionable take-out joints where you order at the counter or going to Flushing for the real thing.

              2. Thanks so much everyone, I took a chance on Lemongrass Grill the other night and learned my lesson. I can't wait to try the places you suggested! Anyone have any advice on late night options in the same neighborhood?

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                1. re: hungrytime

                  Lemongrass is abysmal, and the owner is a serial bad restaurant proprietor. He had a number of bad places on the corner of 7th Ave. & 3rd, where Miracle Grill is now--Vietnamese, Malaysian and Peruvian, all dreadful. The guy's Malaysian-Chinese--he may have been born here, but his father owned Fuji San (now HaNaBi, probably same family), and Rex, which was the bar incarnation before those other bad restaurants on 3rd St. (and after Minsky's). Lemongrass Grill might, however, be the epitome of what most people seem to expect from Thai food.

                  1. re: Peter Cherches

                    Sorry but I respectfully disagree with you on Lemongrass’ food. I can think of a lot of things in this part of Brooklyn that are “abysmal”, just pick any of the Mexican restaurants for starters, but I don’t think Lemongrass is one of them. IMO they have always been consistent, reasonably priced, decent delivery and comparable with the other Thai places in the neighborhood. Maybe if I had authentic Thai I would think differently, who knows? As far as his business practices go I could not comment, but it would not shock me judging from what I’ve read about various food service employees being cheated out of a minimum wage.