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Jun 4, 2009 04:40 PM

LA/OC source for Mozart Chocolates?

Does anyone know where I can get those Mozart chocolate bonbons in the LA/OC area? They're round and filled with marzipan. Thanks

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  1. They always have them at Costplus around the winter holidays, and they often have them at other times of year. You can call and ask if they have them now.

    1. You can also try the Alpine Market at the Alpine Village in Torrance (Torrance Blvd. exit off the 110 fwy). I was just there last week and saw all sorts of Mozart-brand chocolates. They are essentially like a more German/eastern European version of Cost Plus. There's tons of yummy packaged imported goods, including Mozart chocolates.

      1. Valley Produce in Reseda has a selection of various-sized boxes of Mirabel brand Mozartkugeln (or at least they had them last October). Some of the boxes also came with some flat disk-shaped chocolates (which I actually preferred to the regular round marzipan balls).

        Valley Produce
        18345 Vanowen St
        Reseda, CA 91335
        (818) 609-1955‎

        (also another branch in Simi Valley)