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Jun 4, 2009 04:30 PM

Hog Island - The New Standard for Pizza?

My wife brought home a pizza from Hog Island. Is was great. Gigantic....the box was 24"x24" so the pizza was either 22" or 23" in diameter. Thin crust with nice black char on the bottom and edges...not too much cheese or sauce. Folds perfectly if that's your thing. Travels really well...which no other pizza in town does IMHO. Overall, it was really, really good. After just once serving, it's now one of my favorites in town...for scoring Frank & Angies is my favorite and I like Home Slice. This is better than Home Slice. I'll try it a couple of more times before dethroning F&A.

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  1. Up there for me too. I really can't imagine waiting for Home Slice when the Warehouse District location is open as late as it is. That said, still haven't tried House.