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Jun 4, 2009 04:27 PM

Butternut Squash Restaurant - Chapel Hill NC?

Does anyone know anything about the new restaurant Butternut Squash? Location is in University Square, in the old Bon's location. Is this still a go? Last time I looked it seemed to be work in progress. Anyone have ideas about opening date? What about menu? Who owns/operates? I live close to this area and am always looking for good places to eat.

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  1. I've heard it is going to be a vegetarian place with vegan options. That's all I know, though.

    1. Wow, exciting! I live nearby too. If I hear anything I'll pass it along, please do the same.

      1. According to the owner, they open July 1. It is all veg with vegan options.

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          I wonder what style it will be. Southern comfort veggies? Locally-sourced veggies? Generic vegetarian place you'd find anywhere?

            1. re: romansperson

              Nice website. They need to correct their address on thier contact us page. It says University Mall instead of Univesity Square.

              1. re: butternutsquash

                I'll ask my usual question: are you licensed for beer/wine?

                1. re: LulusMom

                  i LOVE that it's your usual question :)

                  1. re: LulusMom

                    no alcohol on the menu, but they just opened today!

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                      I just got around to reading the Sunday paper last night and there was an article about this place - they will have beer and wine but they are waiting on their license.

                      1. re: romansperson

                        I'll await that moment (typed tipsily).

            2. I went today, and while what I ordered (takeout) was very tasty, I have a hard time believing I paid $8 for the attached. (zucchini and pepper salad)

              I'll give it one more go (and eat in -- I was expecting a more take-out friendly place based on the web site), but I won't be getting a salad. Really disappointed for now.

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              1. re: camdeboo

                Purchase the raw ingredients for that attached photo and I could whip up one on a George Foreman Grill for about 80 cents at most. crazy.

                1. re: camdeboo

                  agree with mikeh. totally insane to charge $8 for that.

                  1. re: camdeboo

                    Oh my. We belong to a CSA and we've got zucchini out the wazoo right now. I woulda made you something twice that size for free!

                    1. re: romansperson

                      What else was on the salad. It looks like cheese and there appears to be a dressing or olive oil drizzled on top. If they are using top quality ingredients, 95% organic, I don't think $8 for that salad is outrageous, or $12 for a green vegetable curry. Using a restaurant standard of 30% food cost on $8 gives them $2.40 for ingredients. I have olive oils that cost as much an ounce. Also, the dish was called very tasty, which should factor into the equation.

                  2. We went to Butternut Squash tonight for dinner. My companion ordered a jacket potato and I got a Thai green curry. We both enjoyed our food and the servings are more than adequate.

                    The waitress is very helpful given the fact that she does most of everything for every table. When we came there were about 6 occupied tables including ours.

                    The Thai green curry was well prepared. The carrots and peppers were fresh and retained a firmness to its texture. The brown rice complements the viscosity of the thick soup. At first blush the serving looked small but it is filling and tastes good to my palate. My friend's jacket potato was really very delicious and sourcream contributed so importantly to the richness of the flavor. The potato was cut into two with salads on the side. I tasted a portion of it from my friend's plate and really loved it. I made a mental note to order it the next time I go back there. The jacket potato is $7 and to my mind should be worth more. The Thai green curry that I got is also reasonable for the 12 that I paid for. The dessert (strawberry cream) was yummy and was a perfect confectionery for the jacket potato and Thai green curry.

                    I would try their breakfast next time and see if they satisfy as much as dinner.

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                    1. re: groucho_nc

                      A baked potato for $7? Really? A 10-pound bag of Idaho potatoes cost $3.99. That must have been some expensive sour cream.

                      Also, $12 for a Thai curry dish is borderline outrageous when you consider that some of the best Thai curry I've had in this country from a home-cooked Thai place up in Virginia comes in a 2-pound container to-go and costs $6.95. I've never seen it for over $10 at a Thai owned place even in high-rent districts.

                      1. re: Amaising

                        On a recent visit to BNS, I learned that the vegan chocolate cake added to the menu - while delicious - was "sourced" from the local co-op. A $5 slice of cake that I could've purchased at the store for, at most, $1.99. If it simply can't be made in-house, why isn't the cake labeled on the menu as coming from the co-op? Seems like food plagiarism, in a sense...

                        And I agree with sarahUNC and some of the others on here: Why does BNS insist on hawking corporate/chemical-filled drink products? Is it a money/contract issue or something? Frankly, that kind of thing doesn't go over too well in this area. We - especially veg*ns - want the sustainable, the natural, and the local, and are willing to pay for it if it's top-notch. Don't let this Southern American town fool you - it's highly influenced by an eclectic, international presence (if you haven't already noticed). We like things with a bit of an edge.

                        Some tough-love advice: Listen - I want BNS to do well, especially since so few strictly-veg cafe options exist in the area. But you've GOT to step it up! I can't say it enough. When pan-frying tofu for the vegan club, marinade it in tamari sauce or something. Don't just serve it plain. Nix the veganaise/dijon mustard/any other ingredient found in Average Person's fridge, and replace it with vegan chipotle mayo or a sweet, curried mustard or some other inventive housemade concoction...

                        Kick things up a notch. Keep it interesting. And original.

                        1. re: crazy_flakes

                          You mention the Pepsi sponsorship -- I thought that was odd too, and then I started noticing it in many of the local restaurant ads in the Independent. I assume Pepsi is giving them all a break on their soda prices if they put the logo on their ads and in their signs.