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Jun 4, 2009 04:18 PM

fortune cookie inserts . . .

hello chowhounders!
does anyone know where i can find bulk (like 1000) fortunes to put into fortune cookies?
i don't want the cookies.
i don't want to print my own.
i am interested in the traditional chinese restaurant style.

let me know!

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  1. Check out Amay's cookie & noodle company. They are one of the largest fortune cookie manufacturers in LA.

    837 E Commercial St Los Angeles, CA 90012
    (located on the edge of Little Tokyo by the 101 freeway)
    (213) 626-2713
    Open Weekdays 8am-4:30pm

    There's also another fortune cookie manufacturer in Chinatown on New High Street between Ord Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue (1/2 block from Cesar Chavez)....the name escapes me at this moment.

    1. Are you particularly interested in the inserts with the broken English?

      1. Don't all fortunes say "Peking Noodle Co." on the back??

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        1. re: mnosyne

          No, they all say, "Help! I'm being held prisoner at Peking Noodle Co." on the back.

          1. re: mnosyne

            Right, Peking Noodle Company makes fortune cookies too.
            They also make those fried noodles I like. You can check with them. Who knows if they'll sell them to you. I go there to buy one or two cases of their organanic somen noodles which are pretty good. They sell wholesale to the public, but you have to buy by the case.

            Peking Noodle Co
            1514 N San Fernando Rd
            Los Angeles, CA 90065
            (323) 223-2023

          2. Did you ever find them? I am looking too, and cant seem to find a thing! thanks!

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              Are you only looking for the "fortunes" like the OP?
              Then check with Amays or Peking Noodle Company, they're both still in business.