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Jun 4, 2009 04:01 PM

Lobster Roll in Coastal CT?

We are traveling up the CT coast to the Lyme area and are looking for a GREAT lobster roll lunch on the way - I mean traditional lobster roll, here, buttered roll, no mayo, you know the one.

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  1. It wouldn't be considered "on the way" but close. "The Dock" in Waterford, right over the bridge on Rt 156 from Niantic is a little place directly on the water and the lobster rolls are really good, traditional "New England" style rolls loaded with meat with the butter on the side to avoid unwanted sogginess. First left after the bridge, behind "Unks". Excellent onion rings also "the thin ones".....they have both kinds. For the menu Google "The Dock+Waterford,Ct".
    I just discovered the place yesterday so can't comment on the other food but based on the above, it should be good.

    1. There's a new, great little place in Branford in one of the marinas, owned by a lobster mans family. I believe its called the Lobster Shack. Outdoor seating on the water and a small menu with lobster rolls, hot dogs, sausage, chowder and grilled clams. Great food and prices. Nice people. I'm trying to get an address and I'll post later.

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        Its in the marina at the corner of Maple St. and Indian Neck Ave. not far from Nellie Greens.

      2. Stowes in West Haven-large hunks of claw and tail, NO LANGOSTINOS , margerine (I don't think its real butter) on a simple roll. Always fresh and good. The price here is also usually @ 9.50-10.50.
        Order 2...

        1. highly recommend the Lobster Shack in Branford, CT. The BEST lobster roll I have ever eaten. Its pure fresh chucks of lobster meat (no frozen stuff) -- hot, with butter and light lemon, roll is toasted -- the lobster meat is so fresh it melts in your mouth -- the way a lobster roll should be made. outdoor place w/ picnic tables -- other stuff on the menu too but kind of limited, soda, ice tea, water, hotdogs, sausage & peppers, popcicles, chips -- check it out -- TOTALLY WORTH IT and reasonably priced too.

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            We went on a lobster roll tour today: Capt. Scott's in New London, The Dock in Waterford, Lobster Landing in Clinton and Lobster Shack in Branford. It wasn't an ideal day for sitting outdoors eating lobster, but somehow we soldiered through and enjoyed it. Let me begin by saying that Lobster Shack was inexplicably closed. A guy in the boat yard said the woman who runs it decided to go home, or stay home, because of the weather. It wasn't raining, just cloudy. That's a hell of a way to run a business. As to the other three places, the hot lobster was fairly similar, served in split-top rolls. Capt. Scott's was $13.99, The Dock was $13.95 and Lobster Landing was $13. We gave the nod to Lobster Landing for a slightly larger serving of lobster, deliciously fresh, just the right amount of butter and a nicely toasted (on a grill) roll. Nothing wrong with the other two, however. The setting is interesting at all three, each of which is somewhat hidden away. We liked the view at The Dock, where you sit above the water of Niantic Harbor. Lobster Landing is like a movie set, with its tiny, weatherbeaten seafood shack and plastic furniture you wouldn't be able to give away for free at a tag sale. IN all, a wonderful day amid the nooks and crannies of the Connecticut coast.

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              coldduck, bummer day for a lobster roll excursion. It rained on and off up here in Middletown and wasn't too warm. For the record, my mom (the lobster roll authority in the family) gives the nod to Lobster Landing over Lenny & Joe's based on the larger serving of lobster. I love the setting. Where else could you find a place quite like it? :)

          2. Lobster Landing in Clinton. It's my mom's absolute favorite and a recent find for her after enjoying lobster rolls at Lenny & Joe's for almost 30 years. Go see "The Lobster Lady" (Lobster Landing).


            Outdoor seating available on the dock. They sell lobster rolls, hot dogs and sausage sandwiches (soda and chips).

            Lobster Landing
            152 Commerce St, Clinton, CT 06413

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              I agree with Lobster Landing. It's really no frills, as you can see, but worth it.

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                I'll go with Lobster Landing too. It beats the Fish Tale by a nose because of the location.

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                  Check the tide tables before you go!

                  1. re: MerryKerry

                    I guess you took the pictures? Was this an unusual high tide? Still... you could get in, dry feet and all, it seems.