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Harlem Restaurant

We are going there for dinner on Saturday night. I am hoping for some advice on what to order? Thanks!

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  1. Pork hocks --- Andrew does a mean version.
    Bourbon BBQ ribs

    1. My favourite is the fried chicken. Macaroni and cheese is a good side; avoid the collards: they're sauteed, not stewed.

      1. Was there on Wednesday - I love the sides so I decided to make them mains - rice & peas, mac & cheese and corn bread. Others with me had the catfish, fried chicken and braised shortribs - all were fantastic!

        1. candied yams and catfish lafayette!

          1. Another vote for the fried chicken. If you like fried chicken, this stuff is wonderful! Mac cheese is also well done.

            I love the short ribs, but I think of them as more of a winter dish, and as it is finally getting warm, I would be less willing to order them. But they are fabulous!

            1. The jambalaya is very good. A little soupy, and not as tomato-y, as other versions I have tried (but I am no expert here). Chock full of sausage, seafood, fish and chicken. Deep flavour.
              Last week we had the guava cheesecake and Harlem pie for dessert, both excellent, but I think the cheesecake is more unique.
              But really... you cannot go wrong here. Although I agree about the collards, would have preferred a long-cooked version ie/ something I wouldn't do at home.

              1. I really enjoyed the candied yams and the rice 'n' peas. I have menu shots in my flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jlunar/s... if you want to check it out beforehand. Might have changed a bit since, but it wasn't too long ago I went. Blog post goes over the mac 'n' cheese and a boat load of other sides that we had. But om nom nom nom on the yams.

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                  I had the catfish lafayette which was a massive starter and the jambalaya. The catfish was very good and the jambalya wasn't terrible but I would probably order something else next time. My girlfriend had the mac n cheese and fried chicken. I tried a bit and both were really tasty. The chicken was crisp but not greasy and the mac n cheese was both maccy and cheesy so no complaints. I think we ordered the candied yams as well but I only tried one and thought it was too sweet for me. Plus, the portions are pretty significant and we toally ordered too much food. The lafayette could honestly be a well portioned main.

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                    I totally agree on portion sizes - really quite big, especially when you think about how heavy/filling everything is.

                    Candied yams most certainly could be dessert!

                2. I have been to Harlem about a half a dozen times and always really enjoyed it. I went today for lunch and it was quite bad. I usually get the corn fritter which are delicious and served with a great dipping sauce. Today they were super greasy and served with mayo. The plantain was similarly bad. The sandwiches were just ok. I hope they were just having a bad day.

                  1. Another vote for the fried chicken and candied yams. I thought the mac n cheese was nothing special.

                    1. Oh and make sure you know what sides are coming with your mains so that you don't get redundant sides. That's what happened to us.