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Jun 4, 2009 03:39 PM

Road TRip: Louisville, KY to Myrtle Beach, SC.....

We are going to be driving from Louisville, (Actually St Matthews) to Myrtle Beach on Sunday. We will probably make this same trip a couple of more times ( both ways) in the coming weeks. Can anybody recommend some good places to eat.....not too far off the interstates, kinda healthy, not a chain, not expensive,.... & oh, yeah, PIZZA is a fav for everyone involved. So, I'd love to hear about your favorite find for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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  1. You might receive more replies if you told what interstates/cities you'll be going through.

    If you're traveling I-64, have lunch or dinner at Heirloom in Midway Ky. They probably won't have pizza on the menu but their daily specials and Mary burgers are wonderful.

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      One more thought..... Heirloom might be closed Sun/Mon. You can check their website.

    2. Not sure which route you are taking but if you go through Columbia, South Carolina, Messinger's BBQ and Lizards Thicket are two of my favorites.