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Jun 4, 2009 03:39 PM

Plateau Area - Best Brunch

Looking for a great place for brunch in the plateau. Patio + Booze is a plus! Suggestions?

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  1. Reservoir would fit that bill; if it's warm enough, they open the windows.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      I was at Reservoir last Saturday and today, both times the food was excellent but the service was a bit too hands off. That said, to me their brunch menu is among the most interesting in the city.

      1. re: Anth

        I have had a few mehs at Reservoir in the past few months, but I think still it is the best bet in the city.

        Not sure if this is a coincidence, but everytime I sit at the bar, something goes wrong with my food, such as an element in the dish being forgotten, or plate left at the counter too long. They usually pay less attention to the bar customers. I'd actually expect otherwise, but oh well, I am not testing that hypothesis again.

    2. Cafe Souvenir on Bernard.. nice terrace... not sure about the booze though.

      1. Lemeac, on weekends, although it's not exactly in the Plateau (but it's not too far either...)

        1. The Sparrow. but alas, no booze as of yet.

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          1. re: bigfellow

            Soon, soon... they said it should happen in the next few weeks....

          2. Senzala offer huge Brazilian brunch (avocado or mango stuffed with eggs. Sound strange but delicious) and they have a patio (177 Bernard).

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              As a side note - the Senzala website is dead?

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                The Bernard Street Senzala is good but not more Mile End than Plateau, eh?

                1. re: eatkat

                  They also opened a location on L'acadie, across from Marche Central.

                  1. re: eatkat

                    Partner and I finally tried Senzala (on Bernard) for brunch today, and we weren't impressed. The food is abundant, but was pretty "sloppy" in execution. The fruit was a nice touch but they well all badly picked and under-ripe. I rarely leave food on my plate, and this one was one of the exceptions. Both of our poached eggs were overcooked to the hardboil level. The sides were cold, and the toasts arrived 10 minutes after the eggs (which meant the eggs were also cold when we could eat them). Boyfriend's dish was "watery" with diluted tomato sauce that didn't look very appetizing. My dish was cooked unevenly, one side where cheese had melted and almost burnt, and the other was just warm (with cold cheese). Fruit kebabs looked like they were kebabed a week ago and had that dry fruit/prune quality to them.

                    Sorry to be this negative, but I don't like when people say they don't like a restaurant and don't explain the details so I wanted to explain the reasons why. All of the above made the whole experience not so pleasant. I left with a feeling of uneasiness, as if I am about to get some sort of food poisoning (knock on wood svp) and I am not at all timid about "hygiene". It was just the texture and the feeling of the food and the general. Service was friendly, and the coffee was pretty good considering that it comes free with dishes, but at those prices I can definitely do better elsewhere. The terrace is a nice touch though.