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Plateau Area - Best Brunch

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Looking for a great place for brunch in the plateau. Patio + Booze is a plus! Suggestions?

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  1. Reservoir would fit that bill; if it's warm enough, they open the windows.

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      I was at Reservoir last Saturday and today, both times the food was excellent but the service was a bit too hands off. That said, to me their brunch menu is among the most interesting in the city.

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        I have had a few mehs at Reservoir in the past few months, but I think still it is the best bet in the city.

        Not sure if this is a coincidence, but everytime I sit at the bar, something goes wrong with my food, such as an element in the dish being forgotten, or plate left at the counter too long. They usually pay less attention to the bar customers. I'd actually expect otherwise, but oh well, I am not testing that hypothesis again.

    2. Cafe Souvenir on Bernard.. nice terrace... not sure about the booze though.

      1. Lemeac, on weekends, although it's not exactly in the Plateau (but it's not too far either...)

        1. The Sparrow. but alas, no booze as of yet.

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            Soon, soon... they said it should happen in the next few weeks....

          2. Senzala offer huge Brazilian brunch (avocado or mango stuffed with eggs. Sound strange but delicious) and they have a patio (177 Bernard).

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              As a side note - the Senzala website is dead?

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                The Bernard Street Senzala is good but not more Mile End than Plateau, eh?

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                  They also opened a location on L'acadie, across from Marche Central.

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                    Partner and I finally tried Senzala (on Bernard) for brunch today, and we weren't impressed. The food is abundant, but was pretty "sloppy" in execution. The fruit was a nice touch but they well all badly picked and under-ripe. I rarely leave food on my plate, and this one was one of the exceptions. Both of our poached eggs were overcooked to the hardboil level. The sides were cold, and the toasts arrived 10 minutes after the eggs (which meant the eggs were also cold when we could eat them). Boyfriend's dish was "watery" with diluted tomato sauce that didn't look very appetizing. My dish was cooked unevenly, one side where cheese had melted and almost burnt, and the other was just warm (with cold cheese). Fruit kebabs looked like they were kebabed a week ago and had that dry fruit/prune quality to them.

                    Sorry to be this negative, but I don't like when people say they don't like a restaurant and don't explain the details so I wanted to explain the reasons why. All of the above made the whole experience not so pleasant. I left with a feeling of uneasiness, as if I am about to get some sort of food poisoning (knock on wood svp) and I am not at all timid about "hygiene". It was just the texture and the feeling of the food and the general. Service was friendly, and the coffee was pretty good considering that it comes free with dishes, but at those prices I can definitely do better elsewhere. The terrace is a nice touch though.

                  2. I recently dined at La Fabrique and enjoyed the dinner... I hear they have a brunch - anyone sampled?

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                      Yes, really good brunchs, but no patio!

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                        I have tried it, but a few months ago. I had their version of French toast, served with a boozy, fruit-infused syrup (hard to describe... tasted citrusy...). Friend had caramelized banana oatmeal. Really nice twist on boring oatmeal, but nothing to flabbergasting.
                        Their brunch menu seemed very savory/lunch oriented rather than sweet (personal preference). They did have a cool-looking viennoiseries multi-tiered tray, but seemed pricey for what it was.
                        All in all, I prefer Reservoir.

                      2. To me, the absolute best brunch in Montreal is served in Bouchonné (recently moved to 5171 St-Laurent). Haven't visited the new place yet, the previous one was very cozy but no patio. Excellent wine suggestions to pair with the food, and some chilled vodka also.

                        Le Bouchonn
                        9 Fairmount E, Montreal, QC H2T1C7, CA

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                          What kind of dishes are served at this brunch?

                          1. re: mainsqueeze

                            Here's a copy of the most recent menu. You can sign up on their website to receive them.

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                              OK. So not exactly legible.

                              Oeuf de caille à la diable 0,75$/unité
                              Huître au naturel 2,50$/unité
                              Thon en rillettes au persil, croûtons & roquette 8$
                              Saumon mariné & chèvre monté aux herbes, bagel croustillant 12$
                              Granola, yaourt & fruits 6$
                              Bénédictines de canard & tomates confites maltaise au gratin 13$
                              Oeufs au plat, lardons, champignons & sauvagine 14$
                              Omelette aux asperges & poivrons rôtis, cheddar fondant 9,50$
                              Crêpe fine au mascarpone fouetté, érable & petits fruits 7,50$
                              Rillettes maison, pickles de betteraves, croûtons & moutarde 7,50$
                              Fromages et/ou charcuteries 1,50$/100 g
                              Hash brown 1,25$

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                                Thank you very much for typing all of that out!

                                I look forward to trying that out. Maybe tomorrow.

                        2. La Cantine on Mont Royal has been consistently excellent every time I've been. I definitely recommend it. And Boite Gourmande by Laurier metro is great and kid-friendly if that's how you roll.

                          1. Bagel Etc. (4320 boulevard Saint-Laurent, corner Marie-Anne)
                            So far my favourite is Bagel Etc. I am slightly biased because it's only a minute away from my apartment, but they have been very consistently good. It's always busy on the weekends, with a small lineup, but if you have the chance to go there on a weekday, you'll have your choice of seating in this retro-eclectic decorated diner.

                            They have a very tasty and filling "Classique" brunch that is very cheap: $4.95. It's a similar price, but I think tastier than equivalent at nearby Dusty's on Parc + Mont Royal. You get two eggs how you want them, hash browns, a choice of ham, bacon or breakfast sausage, and two slices of toast. (white, brown, challah, or pain russe) I recommend the russian rye bread; it's always perfectly toasted with the right amount of butter, and I feel it's a tastier choice than the rest. If anyone knows where I can get such dark pumpernickel loaves in Plateau/Mile End or Centre Ville, please let me know!

                            One plate I had there was called Europe de L'Est. This one consists of two eggs, the hash browns, choucroute (a sweet cabbage coleslaw) and a choice of knackwurst or a pepper sausage.

                            Of course, they have a fairly large menu with pretty much all that you'd want. They have several types of omelettes, eggs benedict, pancakes, pain doré, and most that you'd expect at a brunch place. Note: they only poach eggs on weekends, for some odd reason. Actually, a great blog post with a writeup and photos of some dishes can be found here: http://not-a-foodblog.blogspot.com/20...

                            La Petite Marche (5035 rue Saint-Denis, near St-Joseph
                            )This place is surprisingly huge inside, and has a luminous skylight in the back. I really enjoy sitting under the skylight or upstairs when it's not cloudy. The dishes here are more expensive, but they are a bit more creative, and they have a variety of filled crepes on their menu as well. Each meal generally includes some fresh fruit (with a small paper cup of maple syrup) and a small glass of fresh squeezed (I believe) orange juice. The portions look deceptively small when they arrive, but they plate them across a large dish, and I've always been quite full by the end. There's a nice ambiance there, though it seems they are still renovating from what used to be a Mexican resto or something along those lines.

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                              I really like Bagel ETC. too, but even though their menu says "Brunch" at the top, I've never really considered it brunch... just breakfast at noon. They're kind of missing the lunch options, you know?

                              If I remember, I'll ask where they get their pumpernickel, if I'm there again before you!

                              1. re: iWoo

                                iWoo, "Montreal Kosher" makes great russian rye, it's loaf-shaped and not round like pumpernickel, and many grocery stores carry it. Keep your eye out, I'm sure you'll see it somewhere. Or get in touch with them and ask where you can buy it in your area.


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                                  afoodyear: I always wondered if that place started as a normal diner with lunch, and then their breakfasts got so popular that they just switched over to mainly that?

                                  Also interesting is the name... bagels don't really feature too prominently, and I mistakenly thought they had a choice between St. Viateur or Fairmount bagels. Someone mentioned that their "Fairmount" is actually the same smoked salmon and cream cheese (like the "St. Viateur" on the menu), but on two slices of the russian bread. An inside joke?

                                  C70: Thanks for the tip. Haven't seen it yet. Montreal Kosher never replied to my email, but I did pick up a loaf of caraway + molasses russian bread at Vova Patisserie (5225 avenue du parc). The loaf itself was about $4.50, but was a bit dry and not nearly as dark, and much denser... not too great.

                                  Has anyone tried Byblos on Laurier? I believe it is Iranian, and they have a bunch of standard-seeming items on the menu, but there is bound to be a few unique ones.

                                  1. re: iWoo

                                    What's especially strange is that they now offer a lunch menu (or did? with grilled salmon and the like) but their brunch hasn't changed at all.

                                    I think the Fairmount is the bagel with cream cheese, lox etc. and St. Viateur is the Russian bread version, but it's not important. The bagels there are from Fairmount though, not St. Viateur.

                                    And, just to note, I completely forgot to ask about their bread source. Hopefully you have by now!

                                    I haven't tried Byblos, but it gets a lot of noteworthy mentions on this board for non-traditional brunches worth checking out.

                                    1. re: afoodyear

                                      @afoodyear, c70

                                      Sorry for monopolizing this thread with Bagel Etc. related info, but I excitedly bought a half-loaf of pumpernickel at epicerie Segal (St Laurent, near corner Duluth). I shop there often, but I hadn't ever seen this bread on their shelves. (Believe me, I have been looking for it!)

                                      After toasting and buttering it, I think I'm 90% sure it's the same as what they have at Bagel Etc. It's a very dark brown, flavourful bread. Maybe it seems slightly fresher at the diner... but I'm not above getting some loaves for the freezer.

                                      It's from Boulangerie Cantor, 7575 8th ave, Mtl. http://cantors.ca

                                      It's actually labelled "demi pain pumpernickel/double pumpernickel bread". On the bar code, the number doesn't quite match up to the product list: 01361. The closest is 1360 NOIR DOUBLE/DOUBLE BLACK.

                                      By the way, does Santropol (St Urbain/Duluth) do "brunch" or are they more of a sandwich place? They do have a sweet patio behind the building. It's fenced in with a garden and probably looking great now in the summer. The last time I went was in early April, and it was still a bit too cold to really enjoy it.

                                      1. re: iWoo

                                        I don't think Satropol does brunch. Now is the perfect time to go there though, since too early, like you mentioned, it's really cold, and later, all the stuff is falling off the trees and into your drinks, food etc.

                                    2. re: iWoo

                                      Byblos is excellent. I love their homemade orange-blossom jam and their Persian-style scrambled eggs are delicious.

                                  2. re: iWoo

                                    I had the worst service I've ever had anywhere at La Petite Marche once. They got my order wrong twice in a row and then tried to just replace just part of the dish, leaving the rest to get cold on the third try. The waitress was really argumentative and then when we left a small tip, she had the gall to berate us on it, saying it wasn't their fault. I'm sorry, but not checking that the kitchen gave you what I ordered (especially by the THIRD time) is entirely your fault. (and then they messed up with our groups bills, putting some people's orders on other people's bills and running the wrong credit cards). Not an experience I ever want to repeat especially given this all happened before I'd eaten breakfast!

                                    La Petite Marche
                                    5035 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2J2L9, CA

                                  3. Fruits Folie: St-Denis near Roy. I must say that they have a great brunch packed with tons of fruits(I always wonder how they stay in business with all the fruit they serve!). They have a small terasse outside. The Eggs Benedict Forestiere is my fave and I must say I never actually order anything else....
                                    PS. I think they have a liquor license

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                                      I used to frequent Fruits Folie when I lived around there many years ago. It's really only ok though. Yes, there is a lot of fresh fruit on the plate, but other than that the ingredients leave a lot to be desired. Has anyone noticed that their benedicts are served with "hollandaise sauce"? Yes, that's right...in quotations. Now, I know what real hollandaise tastes like, and I know what the powdered stuff tastes like. I'm 100%sure that FF uses the powdered stuff. Now, if you take into account that a benedict usually costs around $12, and you factor in water and powder into that, the profit on the benedict at FF is HUGE! Perhaps they sell a lot of benedicts thereby allowing them to serve fresh fruit on the plates and still stay opened. Although, there are many a restaurant in this city that remain open and serve a lot of fresh fruit on each plate, and they manage to stay open.

                                    2. I tried Senzala on Bernard a couple of weeks ago with some friends. the food was amazing, it was a good portion of eggs, meet, fruits and the fried plantain was just to die for. It is such a nice way to start your day on a weekend. I am glad that this restaurant provides an alternative to the breakfast chains.

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                                        re senzala, i agree it is great to have an alternative in that area, but the second time i was disappointed, perhaps it was the choice (had avocado with eggs), however the ambience on terrace is nice in summer. I went to chez cora today and although a chain i do have to say the earlybird breakfast before 8am is a great deal, service was perfect, so attentive and limitless coffee, a pleasant unrushed way to look through weekend papers they provide and that courtesy homemade fudge (+halloween candies!) at cash is appreciated. One of the cheapest and consistent restaurant experiences downtown or in their countless branches, particularly if you get there early.

                                      2. My favourites are Chez Jose, Reservoir, and M sur Masson (ok, not exactly Plateau this one).