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Jun 4, 2009 03:38 PM

Hidden gems in Montgomery County

I was mainly thinking of this topic related to food suppliers but why not restaurants too? What are you're favorite spots to get supplies or that favorite little place to eat?

Since I was thinking about suppliers, I'll add a few to start:

Sam's Italian Market, Willow Grove - Great deli counter, bakery, selection of pasta, cheeses, etc. The service is the best.

Plymouth Produce, Norristown - Neat produce + spot that has great prices and a big selection of Mexican goods, dried and fresh peppers, etc.

Dave's Poultry, Flourtown - In the Farmers Market, Dave's has a great selection of fresh chicken. I don't know the name of the produce place in the FFM but it is also excellent in my opinion in terms of selection and freshness of their goods.

Caspian Grill, Lafayette Hill - Ali is a very friendly guy who makes some good stuff with a Middle Eastern flair (the potato salad is amazing).

Taste of Italy, Springhouse - It's a deli primarily but also you can get lunch there and sit down at the 3 or 4 tables they have. They do a fantastic array sandwiches and have salamis, olive oil, etc. etc. but the thing that always brings me back is that a guy (Gregorio) brings the best bread down from NY every day! The small semolina loaf is just perfect with olive oil and a little salt and pepper.

Cisco's Bar, Flourtown - The decor hasn't changed in probably 50 years but for a local spot they make a great cheesesteak hoagie and the burgers are pretty damn good too. I think the prices are 50 years old too as it's hard to spend $20 in the place.

The Fairlane, Erdenheim - This spot has probably been there for 10 plus years. It's a tiny place that's basically a diner. Breakfast is awesome!

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  1. second on Fairlane and Caspian Grill. Fairlane is easily one of the top breakfasts in the area and Caspian Grill makes a good falafel. (they're in the Flourtown market too...)

    1. Jimmy and Ralph's Produce on Ridge Pike south of the Collegeville Inn has the BEST prices on bulk produce, planters, flats of annuals, herbs, shrubs (when available) and whatever. Open Wednesday through Sunday. Be prepared to take a number and wait.

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          As the season progresses but I wouldn't count on anything quite yet. If' you do any canning/preserving, this place is it for value.

      1. Roling's bakery, tucked away in Elkins Park, has some of the best bagels and challah around. Fil-a-bagel in Jenktintown also has great bagels.

        Marco Polo in Elkins Park Square is a surprisingly good and consistent Italian spot.

        1. Great Thread! I'll add a few:

          Yalda Kabob in Horsham - amazing homemade Afghani food, family run, dirt cheap, BYO, absolute hole in the wall in a ratty shopping center off of 611 that you would never find.

          Zina's Cafe in Ambler - Another family run hole in the wall with amazing homemade food. Serves breakfast and lunch, great homemade fries, homemade bread, crepes, they do small dinners for private parties upon request. Another place where its hard for a couple to hit the $20 mark. Located on Butler Ave.

          Sonny's (Ambler) - Fresh seafood and produce shop, family run, great fresh seafood selection, reasonably priced produce. Located in a dinky shopping center on Bethlebem Pike.

          Toto's Gelato - Absolutely the best gelato anywhere. I am a pregnant woman with gelato cravings so, trust me, I have eaten gelato everywhere! They just came out with a double darh chocolate that is incredible, great fruit flavors too. Perfect texture. They also offer panini, italian imports, coffees, and a small selection of baked goods. It is off the main drag in Ambler, hidden in a rehabbed victorian home on Main Street. Family owned. Worth seeking them out.

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            AG, have you tried Nonna's for gelato? (tucked behind Bruno's Cafe at Germantown and Northwestern...a nice stop after a walk in the park..) very nice.

            1. re: GBak504

              Oooh, I'll have to try Nonna's. we are in that area fairly often so I'll definitely give it a try!

            2. re: AmblerGirl

              Forgot to mention Toto's. We go there for lunch sometimes for the panini. Great gelato, the coffee flavor is awesome.

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                I'll add a shout out for Yalda's and Zina's and add the Melodia Grill in Souderton to the list. The problem with making a list like this is that the gems will no longer be hidden!!!

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                  agree 10000% on yalda's... plus, they deliver sometimes!

                  wish i knew about the gelato when i was pregnant a few months ago!

                2. silvio's deli in hatboro... for the sausage, egg and provolone on a roll alone... this might be the best thing in the world. try it immediately. amazing.

                  yantze in hatfield... delicious, light chinese, totally un-greasy. wish it was closer to me.

                  rey azteca, in warminster, on 263. great cheap mexican in a former pizza hut.

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                    Aman's Indian cuisine, 2680Dekalb Pike (K-Mart plaza) in Norristown