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Jun 4, 2009 03:29 PM

Pre-9:30 Club dinner on Sat.

Going to see a show @ 9:30 Club this Saturday (the Doves?) with some out of town friends...wish we were going to the Hold Steady on Sunday, but that's another story. Looking for some sweet options within these parameters: either 1. Ethnic (I hear great stuff about the African/Middle Eastern eateries in that area) or 2. solid American/comfort food where we could sit comfortably and have a good beer.

Searched the board and someone had a similar post 2 years ago, but ruled out the ethnic food?!? At the time people were suggesting Marvin, the Saloon, Ben's (maybe not this trip), Oos and Ahs (but no seating?).

Would love to hear what folks would suggest. Many thanks in advance. Cheers!

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  1. Duffys is very good (Vt Ave).
    If you like Ethiopian, pretty much any of them will be solid in that area.

    Duffys is good though - solid comfort pub grub and good bar service.

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      Second Duffys. Right across the street from 930.

      The beer selection at the Saloon is much more diverse, and there's no televisions so you can actually have a conversation. Nice and relaxed atmosphere. The food is alright but nothing special.

    2. For Ethiopian I would go to Etete (I love the vegetarian platter). For American/comfort food I would go to Creme (the roasted chicken, short ribs, and coconut cake are my favorite) or Ulah (the turkey burger is really good). You can get a beer at any of these places with your meal.

      I know the new Eatonsville would fall under the comfort food category, but I haven't tried it yet and haven't heard a lot of reviews.

      1. Marvin's a good choice. Etete for Ethiopian would be my second choice.

        PS - I saw the Hold Steady at 9:30 the last time they were in town and was seriously disappointed. I think the person mixing the sound had about 12 minutes of experience, and, as a result, the show sounded HORRIBLE. The vocals were drowned out by the drums which were, in turn, drowned out by the guitars. Here's to hoping The Doves will be better!