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Jun 4, 2009 02:42 PM

non-warping cookie sheets

Can anyone recommend a brand of cookie sheets that won't warp in the oven once they get hot?

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    1. The big aluminum half sheet pans that you get in restaurant supply stores don't warp when hot. Can be lined with parchment paper or silicone pad for cookies or other items you don't want to stick

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        I think the key is that the half-sheet pans tend to be thicker than the smaller cookie sheets you find in the supermarket. Most of those are non-stick and much thinner. I have never been disappointed in the large half-sheet pans I found at Sam's Club, nor their more expensive half and quarter-sheet cousins at William Sonoma.

        I did find really nice bakeware at Tom Thumb -- I want to say it has the name "Chicago" in it, but none of the pans I bought have any labels left.

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          I've used eight of these (commercial half sheet pans) for over twenty years in my home kitchen and never had anything close to warping. They're total workhorses. They should cost less that $10 each and last a lifetime (read: NO warping, if you never put cold liquid on a hot sheet pan). I turn them upside-down for pizza & certain breads, in a 550 degree oven, and they don't warp.

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            Yes these commercial 1/2 sheet pans do a good job. Very stable and don't warp even at extreme temps of over 500*.. Don't know why anyone would buy expensive ones from WS.

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            those are the only ones I have ever found that don't warp. I have bought or got presents of top line sheets. They all warp. Now I only have restaurant supply ones. They have a regular size cookie sheet too I would never buy an expensive one as mentioned by some and agree with those who said the 1/2 sheets or even smaller ones available are great. They are perfect and hold up through anything and last for years. My one is probably 20+ and looks brand new.

          3. Mine are Wearever 5314, which are quite heavy. They won't warp under normal oven temperatures, but will under the broiler, and they'll flatten as they cool.

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              I should say that by "normal oven temperatures" I mean up to 550 deg F.

              Situations where I've seen them warp are when I've done something like put a cold pan with some cold fish fillets under the broiler. These are them--


            2. I have half sheet and quarter sheet sizes in the Williams Sonoma Commercial Quality and I have never looked back. They do not warp at all, even at the highest temperatures and they are used constantly for baking, roasting, etc. I haven't ever used anything comparable. Not to suggest that there are not excellent alternatives but these are definitely the best I have ever had and I feel they will last a lifetime.

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