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Jun 4, 2009 02:37 PM

Salsa Latina in Albany

Has anyone tried this place on Central Ave? It's new last month, and the owners are from Ecuador.
Hoping for a good review from someone!

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  1. My friend and I recently visited Salsa Latina. We tried a number of things on the menu and we were mostly very pleased. One dish was not up to par, but overall a very good experience and we both said we would visit again.

    1. It's been open far longer than a month. Closer to 2 years maybe. It's a great place. We go there all the time. It's mostly Mexican dishes but also a lot of South American dishes. I'm not sure if they are from Ecuador (as the owners of Mr Pio Pio are) or from Colombia. Doesn't matter... the food is great either way. They also have a bakery case in the back of the restaurant with excellent, authentic Mexican breads. Here's the Times Union's review of it:

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        Thanks for the heads up! Got to try this one out soon.

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          Are you referring to Pio Pio in Manhattan on the Upper East Side? Or this a restaurant in Albany? Sorry! Answered this one myself after using google. A place I must try!

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            Thanks Amy! I thought it was very new. It sounds like a good find - and a new Albany place for chile rellenos (Azteca seems to have closed.)
            Their bread is the first thing that caught my eye. Can't wait to try it!

          2. Been there twice since finding out about it about 6 months ago - both times very very good. I tried the mixed plate of traditonal stuff - had an arepa, chicharrons, yuca, chorizo, maybe some other items I am forgetting. I enjoyed the chance to try these. The second time tried the grande chicken enchiladas - all were very good. My dining companion had the mixed grill pate and everything tasted like it was right off the charcoal grill...really good. Next time I will go with grilled stuff I think.
            The service was good, friendly and the manager came to check on us a few times too - I liked this place alot and will be back for sure. Casual and tasty food.