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Jun 4, 2009 01:34 PM

Need creative pie ideas

I want to make a pie next week, but I don't care for basic apple, cherry, strawberry, or key lime. I'm leaning toward chocolate pecan or derby pie, but I'd like to get other ideas before I commit. Please include recipes or links too. Thanks!

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  1. Coconut cream would be my choice!

    1. Can you get ripe summer peaches yet or is it a bit too early? I think fresh peach or apricot pie is great during summer, but maybe a bit too ordinary for you. Also, have you ever made Boston Cream Pie? Depending on the occasion Baked Alaska can be fun.

      Baked Alaska

      Boston Cream (I have not made this, but had it at a dinner party

        1. re: todao

          yup--a seasonal treat. with all-season ice cream, of course.

          1. This is cheating a bit, since it isn't really a pie, but it's everybody's favorite on the recipe boards for good reason. Galley Girl's (Laurie's) Pear Tart is simply spectacular. Easy to make, and scrumptious.

            It's kind of a moist, cakey tart. Stuff it as full of pear slices as you can. The batter is merely a bit of mortar to paste the fruit together. Use very ripe pears. They aren't good if they turn out stiff and crunchy in the cake.