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Jun 4, 2009 12:24 PM

DEN: Osteria Marco's must-orders

Planning to try Osteria Marco tonight but everything looks good so I'm hoping to get some faves from the Chowhounds. Is the pizza anything special? Meatball sliders and porchetta cubana sound delicious! Thanks.

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  1. I recommend the burrata and the mussels. Enjoy--love that place!

    1. Their burrata cheese served with grilled ciabatta bread is heavenly, definitely recommend it. Haven't tried their pizza/sandwiches before

      1. Third the burrata. Also love the ricotta, the grilled artichoke, the shaved lamb salad, and the fonduta...Pizza's almost the only thing I don't find especially memorable.

        Here are a couple of posts I've done about the place.

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          Fourth the burrata. Lap it up with some lovely prosciutto on the side. Let us know what you tried last night, hungryinaz.

        2. Cicciola ( I think that's it)....pulled pork. Yum.

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          1. re: Mimi

            Osteria Marco was OK. We did the chef's meat/cheese plate (good), the grilled ciabatta bread with pesto/sun dried tomato dip (really good), meatball sliders (pretty good), Italian dip panini (OK, side salad was WAY over salted), porchetta cubano paninni (pork had a funky flavor, salad was oversalted).

            1. re: hungryinaz

              So the panini were the main problems, sounds like? Haven't had 'em.

              I've heard a couple of mehs but the vast majority of reviews are fat thumbs up. Off-nights happen—still think Bonnano's got the quality-control thing pretty well down though.

              1. re: tatamagouche

                We were there on a Sunday in February. My husband had the Roast Suckling Pig that is served Sundays only. He said it was fantastic. I had the wild mushroom and robiola cheese pizza that was really incredibly good. The teenager tried the pizza Margherita that was dull and boring and in another league than our two wonderful meals. For appetizers I had the lovely ricotta cheese. The teenager picked wrong on all counts and had the weird ciabatta bread with pesto and balsamic vinegar and olive oil all mixed together. The adults would return in a heartbeat. The teenager was thoroughly unimpressed. Be careful to order wisely!

                1. re: former minnesotan

                  Although, I, like hungryinaz, actually like the ciabatta app—especially the dip. Panzano makes a similar dip, actually. But yeah, that roast pig...haven't been there on a Sunday yet, but determined to.