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Jun 4, 2009 12:01 PM

Need a Rec. for a nice dinner in DFW

So I figured I should take the gf out on a real date...and I'm kind of stumped about where exactly to take her. I have some general guidelines...

Cuisine isn't really too much of an issue as we're both adventurous. I am, however, leaning towards a more modern American or Italian menu.

I'd prefer if the restaurant were no further south than the Oak Lawn area as we live near Addison.

Price isn't a big deal within reason. But as a general guide, anywhere between a La Duni-York Street price point would work.

The two places I was considering were The Grape and Nonna. The gf said she heard negative stuff about maybe that's out.

Any new suggestions/affirmations on The Grape or Nonna?

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  1. Oh, and I should also add that neither of us are big wine's more about quality food for us.

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      Capital Grille - 500 Crescent Ct. Suite 135, Dallas, TX, 75201
      (214) 303-0500
      Hibiscus - 2927 N. Henderson, Dallas, TX, 75204
      (214) 827-2927
      I think you mean "Nana" instead of "Nonna"? If that is the case, let me tell you, I've never heard or experienced anything bad regarding Nana. It is a wonderful restaurant and a romantic experience. I would take the gf to Nana, but since she's "heard negative stuff" that might be a hard sell.

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        Hmm, I think it's Nonna...that's what the website says at least.

        Nana and it's getting confusing :)

        Thanks for the recommendations!

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          I think Nonna would be a good place for a date foodwise. It can get a little loud there however.

      2. I would highly recommend Afghan Grill. If you have never had it you should definitely treat yourself. My wife and I went for our anniversary (this year it had to be less expensive than a dinner at Lola). We walked in and the place was nearly empty at lunch. The waiter/owner offered us a free house salad as we looked over the menu.

        We ordered another salad the Afghani, order of the Mantoo, a bowl of the Aush and a veggie entree of the Kadu Buranee.

        Afghani salad was good (a salad of cucumbers tomatoes, bell peppers and onions with a mint dressing) but not near as good as the Aush.

        The Aush was an awesome soup, a few thin noodles (vermicelli) witha rich onion broth and a dollop of yougurt to tie it together.

        The Mantoo was a meat filled dumpling covered with a mild curry gravy....not so much spices as a curry. Think of it as a spiced Bolognese-esque sauce. We didn't care too much for these.

        The Kadu Buranee was the best dish of the service. A steamed sweet pumpkin with the same lightly spiced Bolognese-esque sauce and served with a spiced Basmati.

        Since it was our anniversary we also were offered a complimentary glass of wine.

        If you are a foodie and want a great experience and a new place to try out close to Addison, Afghan Grill fits the bill.

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          That sounds very fun to me LH. It's going on the list. Thanks!