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Jun 4, 2009 12:00 PM

Palm Beach Area Seafood

I am staying at the resort at singer island at the end of the month and want to enjoy some good seafood. I will also have my 8 yr old with me so it needs to have a kid's menu.

He is great in restuarants he just doesn't eat much besides normal kid type food. My wife and I on the other hand would like something better then the chain restuarants!

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  1. You have it right there at the Resort at Singer Island -- Solu. Great restaurant with excellent fish in addition to other items. It is pretty upscale so I don't know if they have a kid's menu.

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    1. re: Alfred G

      I just called they do have a kid's menu! We made a reservation for the day we arrive.

    2. Hands down best seafood restaurants in Palm Beach County (they're all tied to one another too):

      Food Shack (Jupiter)
      Leftovers Cafe (Jupiter)
      Reef Grill (N Palm Beach)

      Owner of the first two started out at the third. All are great. Reef grill is great for lunch. Great specials and nothing over $10 at lunch time.

      If you search the boards, you'll see plenty on all three and they're always highly recommended. If you won't have a car, it's a little far to taxi, especially considering there are some good high-end establishments nearby where you'll be staying. .

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          These three are the best and guaranteed to please. I am fairly certain they all have a kids menu of some sort. All are casual restos and dinner entrees of fresh fish will run you $23 to $26. Get the fried oysters to start off with.

          Food Shack
          103 S US Highway 1 # D3, Jupiter, FL

          Moirs Leftovers
          451 University Blvd, Jupiter, FL

          Reef Grill Juno
          12846 US Highway 1, Juno Beach, FL 33408