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Jun 4, 2009 11:56 AM

New Restaurant in Rosscarbery, Co. Cork

Visit Longfella's Restaurant on the N71 in Rosscarbery. This American Western/Cowboy-themed steakhouse comes through with delicious food, very reasonable prices and charming, professional staff. The atmosphere is lighthearted with serious attention to food quality and service. We enjoyed several meals there on our recent holiday; you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu. They offer fine Irish beef aged for 21 days; the sirloin, ribeye, t-bone & filet steaks are flavorful and cooked to your taste.

Try the "explosive" chicken wings: yes, they are spicy, but they are also intensly flavorful and as addictive as popcorn or peanuts. Fresh fish, chicken, pork ribs and various vegetarian and pasta options are available. They offer everything on the menu for take-away, but you won't want to go home They can be busy, so book a table.

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  1. We stopped off there recently and I have to say I wasnt too impressed. Price wise its a bit costly for what you get. The menu is a little limited and it is the same fare offered all day. Staff were fine and the restuarant itself is well appointed. At the end of the day its a converted pub. The Celtic Ross hotel down the road is more reasonable and for an excellent restuarant experience O'Callaghan-Walshe in the town square cant be beaten especially their fish dishes.

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      Sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your meal. We've been several times and had better food, service & value than anywhere else in the area each time.

      We don't care for the Celtic Ross; unimaginative, overpriced, institutional food.

      As for O'Callaghan-Walshe, my wife and I agree that it's a tourist trap; very basic food at criminally high prices. We won't be back. Yes, they have nice seafood, but no better than we buy any day of the week for a fraction of the price. Good fresh fish is best prepared simply, which they certainly do, but for that matter, we grill a whole black sole & saute scampi just fine at home.

    2. How often is oystertripe going to mention this restaurant? You'd swear he owned it!!
      I drove through Rosscarbery recently on the way out to baltimore and saw the naff cowboy wodden sign and it made me put the foot down, i can tell you.

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        RE the comment on food, service and value. We spent two weeks in the area on holidays and went to quite a few places. While the food was fine in Longfella's it wasnt much more than that and it seemed a little pricey to me for what you got in comparison to other places. Celtic Ross is better value (even if the food is institutionalised), O'Callaghan-Walshe might very well be a tourist trap but provides a better experience. Also the Marine Hotal in Glandore and the Glandore Inn only a couple of miles away provide good food and excellent scenary as well.

        Longfella's seems to be completely out of place and lacks a bit of class/atmosphere.

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          Regrettable cowboy imagery aside, it is actually quite a good local restaurant for steak especially. Half the price of the cream and butter sauce-soaked fish up the hill at O'Callaghan -Walsh.