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Jun 4, 2009 11:45 AM

Wine seller in South Bay?

I need to buy a few bottles of wine for a group of about 30-40, but would prefer not to pull stuff blindly off the shelf.

Any recommendations for a place in the South Bay where I can get advice? I'm looking at wines up to about $25/ bottle. Thanks.

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  1. In San Pedro, there is a cool little wine shop called "Off The Vine." Owner is very friendly and knowledgeable and I recall a good selection of moderately priced wines.

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    1. re: Ernie

      manhattan fine wine off the artesia/suplvd....ask for joe who is the owner.
      tell him rick sent you and he will take care of you :)

      1. re: rickym13

        Ditto Manhattan Fine Wines. These guys know their stuff!

      1. re: DrBruin

        I'd suggest skipping BevMo. LA Wine Company (as suggested below), or Beverage Warehouse, which is at the end of the same row of warehouses and I prefer, are both better options in terms of selection, storage, and pricing.

        I'm not a south bay guy, so there may be better places. I've heard good things about Manhattan Fine Wines (suggested above), but haven't been there.

        If you're down closer to Long Beach, Wine Country is good.

      2. L.A. Wine Co. is in Marina del Rey. They have good wine at good prices.

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          LA Wine Co has a very easy to navigate website as well so that you can plan your attack before entering the store:

          AND the guys that work there are very knowledgeable.

        2. I live near San Pedro and usually head down to Wine Country in Signal Hill for decent wines. The people there are knowledgeable, very nice and they have a great selection.

          I work near La Wine Co. and love stopping in there to pick up a quick, decent bottle. They always have a bottle of good bottle Muscadet Sevre et Maine on hand which is a huge plus for my seafood loving self. :)

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          1. re: annapurna7

            Thank you all! Lots of options, and I don't have to drive too far!

            1. re: Chookalish

              Unless you want to drive, Manhattan Fine Wine is hard to beat. They have good wine selection at reasonable prices! Don't waste your time at BevMo.