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Jun 4, 2009 11:24 AM

Matt and Naddie's ???

Just watched a piece on CNN about Matt and Naddie's. I've never seen it mentioned. Has anyone been there and what's your opinion? What's the neighborhood like?

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  1. While it hasn't been the subject of a specific thread, it has been mentioned quite a few times. I've always liked it, tucked away in a nice little neighborhood. They do a lunch buffet (or at least I think they still do) which is nice.

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      the lunch buffet is still $10.
      dinner is more extensive and very good. always enjoyed my meals there.

    2. I had dinner there last week. All the menu items I've tried (either last week or on previous occasions) have been excellent. They've got a nice mix of land and sea food dishes and some inventive salads. The Belgian Endive & Beet salad is simply the best use of beets I've ever tasted. They also do a lot with Gulf fish like Drum and Amberjack.

      If you're in the area and want to try it, they still do the lunch buffet. If you're coming from the FQ it's a nice walk up Leonidas St. from the SC Streetcar line.

      The neighborhood is a very nice older part of Carrollton. If you're from out of town it will provide you with a nice contrast to the FQ or the Garden District.

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        CORRECTION: If you want to get to M&N'S from St. Chaz Ave. head to the end of FERET St. While the restaurant's address is on Leonidas, that street runs parallel to St. Charles.

        In fact M&N's stands at the junction of 3 streets: Feret, Leonidas and Leake. Leake has always struck me as an Ironic name, since it skirts the edge of MS River Levee. Anyway, it's well worth the effort to get there.

      2. We ate lunch there today while the CNN piece was rolling. The lunch buffet is usually very good, and the staff is quite friendly. We like it as a reasonable and healthy option for lunch in Uptown. They always have homemade rolls (wheat & white), sliced roast beef, ham, cheese (usually gouda or cheddar), mustards, horseradish and an herbed mayo to make sandwiches; cold shrimp salad; roasted vegetables (yellow squash, eggplant, zucchini); chicken salad w/ water chestnuts, sliced almonds and curry sauce; a quiche of the day; an entree of the day; a soup of the day and a full salad bar. Their dinner options are also great but considerably more expensive.

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          that chicken salad converted me yrs ago. damn....I can never eat chicken salad w/o curry again.

        2. I know I've raved about this place on here many times. It is our go to date night place.

          We get the same thing every time - chargrilled oysters, prosciutto wrapped scallop salad, and the filet. A perfect meal.

          Monday nights are the best because they have an nice little band. And because there is nothing else open on Mondays!