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Bagel and Lox in Downtown DC?

Closest thing i've seen is bagels with salmon-flavored cream cheese @ one of those salad bar/sandwich type places

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  1. I would think Loeb's on 15th at I St could fill that order.

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      I'll check them out. That's one of my favorite payday lunches.

    2. The bagel place at around 19th and K has it.

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      1. WIA I too, hate that cruel schmear.

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          I feel it mocking me and my existence.

        2. I think the sandwich/coffee shop next to Ollie's on 12th st. has it, but they were out the day I was going to try it.

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          1. One of the best is at Hank's Oyster Bar--salmon, cream cheese, onions, and capers with tomatoes on the side. Very good. May only be on their brunch menu....

            1. FWIW in a pinch, the ground floor cafe in the Grand Hyatt entered at 11th and H usu. has it. not worth a trip out of one's way. nothing special, just mass produced Sysco-type product, but it's there. I used to work at the other end of the block and unless it was lunch hour it was quick and relatively affordable if (ok when - who the heck am I kidding) the craving overcame me.

              1. Best bagels near (but not in) DC are to be had at Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in Clarendon/Courthouse. Just cross Key Bridge to Rosslyn, go up Wilson Blvd. to the Courthouse area, and almost directly across from the Wendy's is a small strip of restos on the right, one of which is BBB.

                They definitely have the best bagels in DC Metro, and the lox ain't bad either. You can avoid the silly BBB sandwich line if you're just ordering takeout bagels and grabbing cream cheese from the refridge. I usually get 1/4 or 1/2 pound of lox to go with no problems. Anyway just enter the store and and walk 8 feet straight ahead to the "bagels only" register (there's a sign overhead). It's cash only but they have an ATM inside.

                On weekends I often drive the 15 minutes one-way to do this, usually early and just after the 7AM opening. There is nothing better and I simply refuse to buy from McBagels outlets such as Chesapeake and (worse) Einstein.

                Honestly I used to buy weekend bagels from Ma&Pa bagel-only joints (maybe with bialys and cream cheese) in Boston and BBB is right up there as the real deal.