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Jun 4, 2009 10:24 AM

Chinese Roast Meats for Take Away

I love going to Chinatown to shop for groceries, fresh fish and roast meats and fowl to stash in the fridge on a busy week.
I had been buying roast pork and duck at Deluxe Food Mart on Elisabeth/Mott for several years. I also bought their hot food, which I found serviceable.
Last time I went there both the red cooked pork and the duck were really fatty and the take-out foot was awful. It has been going down hill for a while.
Ed Levine on Serious Eats recommended Roasted Delights on Catherine. When I went there it was out of business and the phone was disconnected. I was bummed.
Does anyone have any new suggestions? There are a tons of shops that sell roast meat but I would probably have a heart attack before I tasted them all.

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  1. I like Big Wong at 67 Mott Street. I think they have the best Cantonese BBQ Roast Pork. Another favorite is NY Noodletown at 28 1/2 Bowery.

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    1. re: scoopG

      I second Big Wong. I also get some of their dishes to go when I have a busy week.

      1. re: G3B

        I can't vouch for any of their other products, but I find the roasted pork in that super market on Canal (southside) between Mott and Mulberry to be very good. I realize the idea is not to do any "cooking" but I use it in my stir fries, soups and other concoctions I like to whip up.

        1. re: Stuartmc910

          do mean Kam Man? If so I agree, they have very good roasted meats. Their crispy duck (not the roasted duck) is excellent as are the ribs. I like Big Wong too. more for their roast pork though than the duck.

          1. re: Yaxpac

            Kam Man is where I buy my roast duck. Big Wong is also good.

          2. re: Stuartmc910

            Is Kam Man the market where the roasted meats counter is on the left as you walk in? If so, the roast pork is great. The roast duck looked a little too fatty to me, but (so) I haven't actually tried it.

            1. re: cimui

              Yes. The roast meats are hanging and you can see them from the window. I usually get the roast duck without the sauce. Place is crazy on weeekends.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                thanks, fdr! i'll try the duck sometime if you recommend it.

          3. re: scoopG

            I would agree you cannot go wrong with (scoopG's) recommendations of Big Wong and New York Noodletown for roasted meats. I would further add the following places as well:

            Hsin Wong @ 72 Bayard and their sister restaurant on the corner of Bayard and Elizabeth, sorry, but I do not recall the name. For me, I believe NY Noodletown and Hsin Wong have the absolute best Baby Roast Suckling Pig available in Manhattan. How they both get the skin so crispy is amazing. In a pinch and when pressed for time, I have also purchased meats at the coffee shop Sun Say Kay @ 220 Canal and I found the meats quite tasty.

            If you want to venture to the lower eat side and shop on Grand Street, at the NW corner at Eldridge Street is a shop that sells the ducks for $8-9 uncut and the Roast Pork and Roast Pig for $4.00 per pound.......probably the cheapest prices in the city. Elsewhere, the comparable prices are more like $15-16 for the ducks and $6-8 for the bbq meats. You can almost purchase double of anything compared to Chinatown or NJ Asian markets. I do not know the name of the store, but they have a yellow and red steel awning and the shop interior is completely tiled in white. They also have fresh produce out front and a bakery opposite the BBQ meats counter that sell char shiu boas, dan tats and other similar baked goods.


            As for Deluxe Market, your comments are disappointing to hear. I have not been to the store since they closed and reopened, but it has always been one of my favorite food stores and I enjoyed their prepared foods very much...

            1. re: fourunder

              that spot at grand and eldridge is definitely the cheapest (roast meats on the left, baked goods on the right) and I stop in there to get other stuff too like tongue, duck feet, etc.; the main roasts are decent but, I'm sad to hear that Roasted Delights is closed!

              1. re: bigjeff

                I stop in there to get other stuff too like tongue, duck feet, etc.;


                btw.....first, bigjeff is my son's nickname given by his friends:-)

                Considering the aluminum tray and lid probably cost almost 50 cents....the cost of the duck feet and pork tongue @ $2.00 per portion is incredibly cheap and there is no way you could purchase these items for so little money and cook them at home any cheaper. I would add I also like their other braised items such as cuttlefish, tripe and pork stomach for the same two bucks per tray.

                Definitely not the best in the city, but it satisfies my cravings for Chinese BBQ.

                1. re: fourunder

                  ya that place is scary cheap. The name of the place is AA Food Markets, the address is 288 Grand Street.

                  A A Food Market
                  288 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002

          4. yes ....big wong is the way to go....this is the one directly across amazing 66 on mott st. for starters try their roast duck,or soy sauce chicken, or salted chicken,or roast pork, or wonton soup....i assure you ,you will keep coming back.....even their various fried rice/s is great by itself as a meal.....then in the fall/winter, try their congees

            1. Fu Kee on Lafayette, near NW corner in a bit from Canal. I like the roast pork and roast duck.

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              1. re: michele cindy

                Thank you all so much for your replies. I will check them out.

                Another question....How about reacommendations for "steam table" take out. By that I mean, where they spoon the rice in a styro container and give you three more non-rice options to chose from. Kam Man has none.

                1. re: pups224

                  Can't help you with names, but there are two that I know of. One is on west side of Mulberry Street @ Canal Street (between Bayard Street). I think they charge $3.00 per pound. The place also houses a Chinese butcher shop. There is another place across Canal Street on the west side of Centre that is strictly all prepared foods, something like four items with rice for $4.00. It's the place with the yellow awnings in the Google link, across from the parking lot. The place on Mulberry is pretty good, but I have never tried the one on Centre.


                  There is a similar place to the one Centre Street on the south side of Grand Street , I believe between Forsyth Street & Eldridge.....but it may be a little further up near the Bowery. I definitely recall an orange exterior on the store front, if that will help. There, I believe it is four items with rice for $3.50. Take-out may be $4.00. I have tried this place and it is a pleasant meal.

              2. Funny, we just came back from Chinatown, and also visited Dlx Food Market, but for some chicken (to make thai red curry) and some sticky rice to go. We have also had their roast duck and I agree, its on the fatty side. I also agree, their cooked foods are just Ok.

                However, down the block, at Grand and Elizabeth (at that corner look to the left, on the north side of the street, about 2 stores in), is a Chinese restaurant, roasted meats sold, called OK something. Large neon sign with green and/or red lettering. It has been written up for its roast meats. The duck there is excellent, it is also hanging in the window. Just picked up a half duck. It was $9.25. Happy hunting.

                1. For BBQ Roast Pork (Char Siu), the best is definitely at Big Wong. You just have to know how to order (by specifying whether you want fatty cut, lean cut, half fatty half lean, etc) or else they will give you whatever. Besides char siu, their boiled chicken and soy sauce chicken are also the best IMO. They use Bo Bo chicken and the texture of the chicken is spot on. Other places (like NY Noodletown, Kam Moon) tend to have fine texture for dark meat areas, but stringy breast meat. (Don't forget to ask for the scallion and ginger oil, that's the essence!)

                  Big Wong doesn't have suckling pig, so for roast suckling pig, NY Noodletown does a decent job, though it also depends on which area that they give you. Buying a plate of plain suckling pig is better than the rice combo, as the latter tends to be filled with "leftover" pieces.

                  For marinated food, there is Cantonese style and Chiu Chow style. Kam Man has Cantonese style and their honeycomb tripes and pig's big intestines are pretty good. Their soy sauce squabs are also quite nice. Others are just ok.

                  Bo Ky has Chiu Chow styled marinated meat and their pig's small intestines is the best! Their marinated duck is also quite good, as well as pig's ears and trotters. You can buy a mix of all kinds, and tell them to omit one or two items that you don't like.

                  The food at Deluxe Food Market is down right HORRIBLE. I visited them before and after their renovation (to buy ingredients for my own cooking) and have checked out their prepared food. They are absolutely below average. There is no reason that one should buy prepared food there unless their goal is to get full at a very cheap price (or unless one can't tell what's good Chinese food vs bad).

                  The only one item that is passable at Deluxe their Roast Pork (not Char Siu, but the roast pork with crispy skin). The marinated items suffer because the marinade that they use have no depth and a monotonous salty flavor. The Chinese marinade used for these marinated food is a serious deal and it takes years for a store to develop deep flavored marinade. Kam Moon and Bo Ky beat Deluxe Food market by miles.

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                  1. re: kobetobiko

                    Thank you for posting that info. We will pursue your suggestions, and now know to request the type of meat we want. Your comment on Dlx Food Market is also well taken. The prices are incredibly cheap for the prepared foods, but you likely get what you pay for. We will take a pass on their stick rice next time. However, the feedback on Ok's roast duck was very positive. The duck was big, crispy skin and juicy.