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Jun 4, 2009 09:44 AM

2 nights in seattle dining

I will be staying in downtown Seattle on business fby myself & need some dining recommendations. This will be my first time in Seattle & I would like to experience some local restaurants for dinner. I enjoy seafood and pretty much anything except I am not a big fan of steakhouses. Sushi is great, meditarenean, italian, etc. I need to keep the price in the below $50 range without liquor. I don't mind driving outside of downtown either. Please provide some recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. Since it appears you may be dining alone, here are some great Chow-hound destinations where you can sit at the bar, have great food and converse with the staff:

    1. Shiro's (for Sushi)
    2. Quinns
    3. Matt's at the Market
    4. Steelhead diner
    5. Maximillien's at the Market (the upstairs bar)
    6. Palace Kitchen

    1. Spur, gastropub where I've sat at the bar and had nice conversation with staff (oh yea, and fantastic food). Search Spur, you'll see what I mean.

      1. eat at the bar at matt's in the market.

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          I would add the bar at Txori to that list. Or Harvest Vine for the upscale expanded version.