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Jun 4, 2009 08:58 AM

Kelowna on the cheap

We are going to be in Kelowna this weekend and it has been a number of years (we moved the day of the fire) since we have been back. the issue for our trip is our friends love good food but are limited by budget, so we are interested in good dare I say eclectic eats, but with out the Fresco price tag.

In Vancouver a walk down Commercial fits the bill but in Kelowna.....

this is where you hounds come in.

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  1. Hi squegeeboy,
    Welcome back to Kelowna! You'll be interested to see how much of the forest has regenerated nicely after the fire. The Myra trestles have also all been rebuilt, so check it out! As for eating, try Siam Orchid on Bernard if you like Thai food - it's a great little resto owned by a couple who divide the duties of front of house and kitchen. Fresco was fabulous, but it is now closed and in its place is RauDZ Regional Table (owned and run by the same people as Fresco), which offers incredible comfort food made with locally-sourced ingredients (think tuna casserole and hot dogs!) at reasonable prices. I love the communal table in the middle of the restaurant. Another great spot is Seven Six Four (restaurant in the Mission on Lakeshore Dr.), which also offers great food at reasonable prices. And for lunches, drop into the Mediterranean Market on Gordon and pick up one of their incredible sub sandwiches (they're huge!) for less than $4. While you're there, check out the olives and cheese! For other restaurants: Bon appetit!

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    1. re: Tourism Kelowna

      Tourism Kelowna:

      Thanks for the update.

      I am quite interested in RauDZ Regional Table and how well the new "concept" does or does not work .

      I have been a fan of Rod Butters' cooking since his days at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino and had intended to try out Fresco but the time and opportunity never presented itself.

      Maybe we'll get to the Okanagan and try RauDZ