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Jun 4, 2009 08:47 AM

restaurant at Bass Pro Shop in Olathe KS

Has anyone been there? I've been wanting to try it but have never heard anything about it.

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  1. Hopefully it is better than the one in Broken Arrow. The Islamorado Fish House in Islamorada is the only one that has been any good for me so far.

    1. I haven't been there but Farruza from the Pitch liked it when he reviewed it a year or so ago.

      1. I live about 3/4 of a mile from it. I ate there once.

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        1. re: KansasTravel

          I'm not far from there either (believe it or not I haven't even been to the store yet), but I don't want to waste my money. So if you've only been once, does that mean you wouldn't go again?

          1. re: ChrisKC

            If someone insisted, I would go, but it isn't one I would pick.

            1. re: KansasTravel

              Good to know, thank you. No wonder I've never heard anything about it!

              1. re: ChrisKC

                I think I'm fairly discriminatory about food, and I like it. Have been for lunch and dinner, the latter with three other ladies who all liked it, too. My husband loves their clam chowder. Sit at the bar and enjoy the huge tropical fish tank. Service is pleasant and attentive. Prices are reasonable. They have a large dining patio.