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Jun 4, 2009 08:02 AM

Looking for inexpensive bar / small seafood plates

Howdy all,
Looking to meet up with a friend Saturday night on either the UWS or anywhere btw 59th and 14th, for some inexpensive drinks; Preferably, I'd like to go to a place near (or in) some sort of restaurant that serves either small plates or apps, primarily seafood and/or vegetarian (she eats no "meat") so that we can also grab a bite as the night goes on.

Any recs would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    1. Maybe Citrus, on Amsterdam and 75th? Sushi and margaritas. I haven't been, but I hear very good things. The appetizers look a bit expensive for what you're looking for, but maybe not so bad when split down the middle....and at any rate, that chile lime shrimp quesadilla sounds pretty good. I just might have to go myself.

      1. Word of advice: don't mix sushi with too much alcohol. It is very, very unpleasant. Also, I personally think that the sushi at Citrus is sort of dreadful.

        If you don't mind the natty light sort of cheap beer prevalent in UWS college bars, try starting out the night at the Gin Mill, Hi Life, The Dead Poet, Brother Jimmy's (buckets of "swamp water" also available) etc, etc, etc... on Amsterdam. Stop in at La Vela for some hearty vegetarian fresh pastas to absorb some of the alcohol. The borsette is wickedly good, esp. if you're already drunk. And then continue on your merry inebriated way either back up north or south on Amsterdam or Columbus.

        If you want a slightly classier evening, there's Kefi (lots of vegetarian / fish small plates). And then I'd go downtown for less expensive wines and cocktails.

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          Good call on the sushi / alcohol issue (In hindsight, I know this from experience). The Dead Poet looks like just the place for us, and I'll keep La Vela in mind--I was also thinking Fatty Crab, after all lip service it's received, here and otherwise..

          1. re: dick980

            the dead poet doesn't really have food, it gets it from the diner next door as i recall. and it isn't great eats. i could be wrong but that's my recollection. it's a great irish bar, but not a place for food.

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              Uncle Nicks is a greek tapas seafood....I think its exactly what you are looking for.