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Jun 4, 2009 07:38 AM

Any room at the inn? Great food + rooms

We're looking for an inn 'in the country' of Pennsylvania, to share with three other couples coming in from three different parts of the country for an end of July jaunt. They've never seen any part of Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia, so we want to show off our state. We're looking for a quaint inn that has terrific dining with great wine list and features rooms upstairs where we can spend a night or two, in a beautiful setting. Does this exist? Somewhere in Bucks County or New Hope? Many thanks. If any people know, it's you.

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    The Sheppard Mansion in Hanover, PA. Very, very chow worthy and a nice Inn in the country besides. Not far from Gettysburg, you can round out your trip with a tour of that area if you so desire.

    From the website, find the link to the chef's blog - it will make you drool.... :)

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      1. The Inn at Turkey Hill in Bloomsburg, PA. The rooms are oh so comfortable. I highly reccomend the stable rooms for couples. Plus the food is very good. I have meet my family there for Thanksgiving even and have never regretted it. Highly recommended

        The Inn at Turkey Hill
        991 Central Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

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        1. My husband and i stayed at the Golden Pheasant Inn in Erwinna right outside of New Hope. It was lovely with delicious food. My only caveat is that we stayed there over 10 years ago so I am not sure if it still as good. They have a website if you google them (sorry my kids are at school and I don't know how to do a link).

          golden pheasant inn
          erwinna, pa, erwinna, pa

          1. Consider a visit to upstate PA for an inn in the country. Oliveri's Crystal Lake Hotel and Stone Bridge Inn and Restaurant are two of my favorites. Both are in Susquehanna County and in the vicinity of Elk Mountain Ski Resort. You will find beautiful views along with gracious, friendly hosts.

            Crystal Lake:
            Stone Bridge:
            Visit Upstate PA: