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Jun 4, 2009 07:30 AM

Girls night out at Yonge and Eg?

My two girlfriends and I want to try something new at Yonge and Eglinton tomorrow night, we're not looking for a wild night out as I am nearly 8 months pregnant...Somewhere cozy, with good food, that will let us chat as we please!
Any suggestions? I'm looking for something different than Tabule, Quince, Grazie, Chimichanga, and Coquine as we've tried all of thsoe...

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  1. I've had dinner at Alize before and found it very quaint and cozy with good food. They offer both Italian and French food.

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    1. re: Hondapendragon

      They brought me the wrong pizza once, and when I told them (after taking one bite), they took it away, brought me a "new" one, which I discovered was actually the old one, with the former ingredients picked off, new ones put on, and a thick layer of extra cheese added to cover my bite mark...

        1. re: Mnerva

          Yeah, lucky for them I didn't have an allergy to anything on the original pizza and go into anaphylactic shock...

    2. Perhaps North 44? It might be a bit noisy though. I'd probably avoid Alize; it was maybe one of my single worst dining experiences in Toronto, and maybe ever.

      1. You might try Lolo or Roberto's. Lolo does get a bit loud, and they might try to push through two settings, but that depends on what time you get there.

        Roberto's is a small family-run Italian place, very popular with locals. The food is well-executed and reasonable (by comparison to the area), and they will meet most requests. Best dish is not on the menu, but available if you ask nicely. Seafood Diavola. Shrimp and squid with spicy tomato sauce on pasta.

          1. re: Cat123

            If you're going to consider Zucca, ask for the L shaped bank behind the bar. Depending on the size of your party, that would provide a more comfortable seat for the parturient one.

          2. LA VECCHIA has great Italian. Definately make a reservation!